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The Famous Abingdon Gymkhana
When Main Street Goes Awry

Finish line, northbound on Main Street, Abingdon

Uh, yup, that's main street Abingdon alright. The part we commandeer for the gymkhana is about two blocks long and eight lanes wide. That has to be about the widest main street for any small town in the country. Clear out the parked cars and we have room to rumble. Now lest you be worried about your shiny paint job, just remember that pylons are designed to be run over by automobiles.

Besides a clear street we get considerable assistance from the town council for planning and promotion, the local police for traffic and crowd control, and the road commission for barricades. We requisition a truck load of traffic cones from Galesburg and a white lime marker from the local ball park. We can set it up in an hour, run our fun car games for a few hours, and take it all back down in 30 minutes.

Start line, southbound on Main Street, Abingdon

Lots of the locals get a kick out of this event too. The The fine drink and lunchen establishment on the left side of the street has even rolled out the portable barbeque for the occasion, so we could have brats, burgers and pork chop sandwiches without missing any of the fun. This is a great way to spend the afternoon after a "stiff collar" morning car show, either driving or watching.

If the revving engines and screaching tires aren't your cup of tea, there will also be some self-guided tour/rally event(s) to occupy your time. And of course there is always plenty to see just cruising the side roads and smaller towns of Knox County and the surrounding area.

The Famous Abingdon Gymkhana
To be held on Main Street in Abingdon
Saturday, August 16, 2003
immediately following the car show.

Being neither a race nor a rally, this is a test of driving skill. You will have no notes to keep and no navigator to argue with. This will be strictly between you and your MG, and of course the clock. You will not be required to stop or back up to negotiate the course. The street will be closed and restricted so you will have sole custody of the course while you are driving. If you can find second gear you can have fun with this event. You may keep in mind that pylons (orange rubber traffic cones) are designed to be run over by automobiles, although we don’t encourage it (much).

Of course there have to be some rules, yes?

1.) ENTRY TO THE GYMKHANA is included in your registration for the Abingdon Summer Party. No additional fee is required, but only cars registered for Abingdon Summer Party will be allowed to participate. Your car show entry number placard will be the entry ticket for the gymkhana. Two drivers (registered for Abingdon Summer Party) will be allowed to sign up to drive one registered car (not at the same time of course). Each driver must have a valid driver’s license to participate. Everyone having registered for Abingdon Summer Party will have already signed the liability waiver with the registration. No separate waiver will be required at the gymkhana. Minors must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Drivers will be required to walk the course at least once prior the the start of the event, so don’t be late.

2.) USE OF A SAFETY HELMET will be required during the driving of this event. Please bring your own helmet if you have one. There may be a few helmets available on a personal loaner basis, but you can imagine how “damp” these can get inside when being passed around all afternoon on a hot day. If most folks can bring their own helmet the event will flow much better with minimal interruption, and we will be able to have more seat time.

3.) YOUR CAR MUST BE EQUIPPED WITH A DRIVER’S SEAT BELT which must be worn during the driving of this event. Lap belts are acceptable, although a five point safety harness will not get you disqualified.

4.) PASSENGERS will not be allowed during the official timed runs, although an approved instructor may go along if requested. If there is time for additional fun runs after the official timed runs are finished, then you may carry a passenger, but the passenger must also wear a seatbelt and a safety helmet.

5.) A SIMPLE SAFETY INSPECTION must be passed by your car prior to entry in this event. The following items must all be in order with NO EXCEPTIONS:
a.) The battery (or batteries) must be mounted securely (this is the number one cause of tech failure). Each battery must be clamped down, not just sitting loosely in the battery box or carrier.
b.) All wheel studs and lug nuts must be in place and secure. For the splined hub types the knockoffs must be tight, and we would hope on the correct side of the car, so that “Undo” does not undo. Spokes in wire wheels must be in good condition. One missing wheel nut or more than one loose or missing spoke is grounds for tech failure.
c.) The engine compartment will be inspected for safety items. Of primary concern are operational throttle return springs, proper fluid level in the brake reservoir, nothing loose on or around the engine that might fall off, and no excessive fluid leaks. This last item is largely a matter of common judgement, but if you don’t like stepping in it, then we probably won’t like it either.
d.) There will be nothing loose allowed on or in the car or in the boot. Spare tires, tool kits, side curtains, and other “original equipment” parts of the car which could be loose or removed from the car are optional, but if they remain in the car they must be fastened down securely.

That’s about it for the rules. Have a safe day, and we hope you will enjoy this event.

Results of the 2002 Abingdon Gymkhana
1st - 36.55 - B. Gaylord
2nd - 38.19 - D. Bralich
3rd - 38.80 - J. Madson
4th - 40.02 - J. Hubbard
5th - 43.63 - C. Ostermann

1st - 39.76 - A. Vanosch
2nd - 40.16 - B. Lowy
3rd - 45.01 - R. Lehman
3rd - 45.01 - D. Ransom

1st - 41.87 - D. Lieb
2nd - 43.06 - E. Wunderlich

	MMM 4 Cylinder
1st - 46.77 - S. Fohrman
2nd - 50.63 - P. Thornly
3rd - 51.38 - T. Metcalf
4th - 55.72 - K. Metcalf
5th - 60.98 - R. Vogt

	MMM Race
1st - 41.49 - B. Goulette
Hitting a cone counted for 1sec off the time. Cars with different engines or modified engines/suspentions were put into the Modified class.

Results of the 2001 Abingdon Gymkhana
T types 
       1st        Curt Bork             53.06   1 cone 
MGA's and Midget's 
       1st        David Lieb            52.75 

       1st        Harold Green          52.40 
       2nd        Gene Cooper           52.65 
       3rd        Terry Allen           58.60 

Modified class 
       1st MGBv8  Brian Ball            46.93 
       2nd MGA    Barney Gaylord        47.15 
       3rd MGA    John Mangles          48.72 
       4th MGC    Reinout Vogt          49.60 
       5th MBA    Dennis Scanlan        49.61 
       6th MGBGT  Mike Olsen            51.89 
       7th MGA    John Hubbard          52.91 
       8th MGB    Dave Bralick          52.31   2 cones 

Novice class 
       1st MGB    Ken Biermann          51.98 
       2nd MGB    Brian Rehg            52.31 
       3rd MGB    Roger Goebbert        52.62 
       4th MGB    Charlie Maquire       53.72 
       5th MGB    Tristan Fanning       56.75 
       6th MGB    Mark Shetley          57.62 
       7th MGBGT  Connie McKeogh        86.50 

Hitting a cone counted for 1sec off the time. Cars with 
different engines or modified engines/suspentions were 
put into the Modified class.  Fine time had by all. My 
thanks to those that helped make this event work. 

Mike Olsen

Results of the 2000 Abingdon Gymkhana

 14  TMG1453  Gray   MGTD   Edie Hubbard     36.10  37.90   --     --    36.10   TD      1-T

115  207MLT   Red   Midget  Bill Weakley     29.51  31.47  29.43  31.32  29.43  Midget   1-T
 63    --     Red   Midget  Mike Hirsch       --      --    --     --     --    Midget   2

 51  MYMGA62  Red     MGA   Paul Uqhart      29.93  31.90  30.08  29.90  29.90   MGA     1-T
 82  015365   Red     MGA   Mark Mickaluk    30.50  31.46  31.26  32.68  30.50   MGA     2

 44  MGB1971  Green   MGB   Jeff Zorn        32.96  29.58  29.11  28.45  28.45   MGB     1-T
 88  KTSMGB   Black   MGB   Keith Struz      35.11  28.47  29.08   --    28.47   MGB     2-T
  2  RMGB71   Blue    MGB   Bill Mennel      29.60  28.82  28.64   --    28.64   MGB     3
 12  FUZ5     Black   MGB   Gene Cooper      33.20  31.40  33.05  28.85  28.85   MGB     4
118    --     Green   MGB   Wade Keen        36.56  35.38  34.83  30.24  30.24   MGB     5
 47A J950907  White   MGB   Dominick Martino 36.25  31.67  40.50   --    31.67   MGB     6
 30  DAVIS3   White   MGB   Elvin Davis      32.34  32.26   --     --    32.26   MGB     7
 57  WILL124  Red     MGB   Harold Green     32.43  35.06  34.47   --    32.43   MGB     8
 81  J663559  Blue    MGB   Terry Allen      33.68  32.52   --     --    32.52   MGB     9
 47B J950907  White   MGB   David Riva       36.02  35.55  34.80   --    34.80   MGB     10

 53  INDY999  H.Gold  MGB   Don Anderson     27.52  29.18  26.75  26.75  26.75 Modified  1-T
 01  CQWBOY1  Green   MGB   Dave Bralich     31.12  28.31  27.72  28.19  27.72 Modified  2
 60  B46202   Green   MGB   Mike Olsen       28.76  29.23  29.22  28.28  28.28 Modified  3
110B MG-DOC   Green   MGA   Gary Hayes       31.66  30.89  30.58  29.80  29.80 Modified  4
110A MG-DOC   Green   MGA   John Mangles      O/C   37.63  42.60  29.99  29.99 Modified  5
 15  JOHNSA1  Gray    MGA   John Hubbard     31.49  30.55   --     --    30.55 Modified  6

 41  3685AV   Red     MGA   Barney Gaylord   27.37  26.59  29.89  27.28  26.59 Exibition
 92  MGC1968  White   MGC   Reinout Vogt     26.59  27.49   --     --    26.59 Exibition
 42  LQQKMG  Black MGB Limo Dino Perez       37.04   --     --     --    37.04 Exibition

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