Calling all Cars

I am a CMGC member who is tired of reading about the fun and good times members have without being able to participate. I own a 1973 MGB I used to use as a daily driver in Los Angeles .While driving back to Chicago I had a major dilemma. I left Los Angeles Thanksgiving Day with the top down, a warm sunny 80 degree day having the time of my life. I arrived in Midpoint Texas (1300 miles to Chicago and 1300 miles back to Los Angeles, hence the name) and realized I blew one of my pistons meaning I blew the engine. I nursed the car to a truck stop and stood outside the doors with a sign explaining my situation. I managed to get a trucker with a big heart who was going to Arkansas and he gave me a lift on his car carrier. He wouldnít take a dime but at least he let me buy lunch Ėdinner etc for his efforts.

Another trucker in Arkansas took me in the back of his Mayflower moving truck to interstate 80 in Illinois and from there I called a flatbed. By this time is it was 20 degrees outside and I was cold and greasy from trying to repair the car on the roadside, but I made it home.

I pulled the engine and gave it to a reputable engine shop in Bensenville and he told me heíll call when the engine is finished. 2 years went by and I got a phone call saying it was ready.

Iíve put the engine back in the car and somehow Iíve managed to just get diverted with making a living and taking care of family. Iíve never fired up the engine nor had the car back on the road.

I am about to pour my heart out to a member with time on their hands who might be willing to get the car roadworthy for an ongoing fee (of course) so I can proceed to get the other phases finished such as a new interior and top, rubber,etc.

I loved the car so much when I lived in Los Angeles, but arriving in Chicago I realized this car could only be appreciated on special days. Chicago just tears cars up too much. I will always keep this car in my family because it is loved by everyone .

I would love to get some input from a member with time on their hands who would like to help me get this car completed. I can be reached by email or phone, whichever is best for you.

Thank you so much

Dave Lindberg
Phone 312-593-2900