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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Tex.'s Sessions
by Dave (Cowboy) Bralich

Here we are at the start of a New Year or is it the end of an Old Year. Last year was a good year for technical assistance and sessions. We had almost a session a month ranging from a front end rebuild to engine and transmission rebuilds. I for one learned a lot. What I find most interesting is that even when doing something that I have done multiple times before I still learn something new each time. The biggest thing that I have learned over this last year (we are talking only about MGs now) is that the workings of the manual transmission is quite simple and straight forward. A year ago I looked inside a transmission for the first time and last month I rebuild one on my own.

Lets work on having even more this up coming year. If you are going to do something let me know and I will be happy to let others know. We can update the WEB page at almost a moments notice (Thanks Barney). I currently have 12 names of individuals which want to be notified when ever we have a new tech session. If you would like to be added to my list just give me a call or send me an E-mail.

What are some of the rules for hosting a Tech session? Very simple. All that we ask is that you coordinate the event to insure that you have most of the necessary parts and knowledge. This does not mean to say that you will be the expert but rather if you are not the instructor you have found someone to volunteer. Sometimes it is fun to attack something even with out first hand knowledge. I for one have learned a lot by doing it this way. More by leaning what not to do first and then by what I should have done second. Please do not hesitate to host a tech session.

What am I doing? This month (week-end of the 20th) I will be installing a new carpet in my 67. Anyone interested , I will be starting around 10:00 on Saturday. I will be changing out the old doors for new (good used) ones. And pulling off all trim to get the car ready for painting in spring. This last stuff will be done sometime in either February or March. I also have many little project (too many to list) and will try to schedule these for later.

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