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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
New Tales of the Mongrel
By Ralph Arata

The Neutralizer


(Continued from the December "Driveline")

The Neutralizer had mixed feelings of his own self stupidity and admiration for his adversary, Sir William, as he followed the international arms dealer down the A54 heading west of Congelton toward Crewe.
His mission was continuing, handed down from the most senior official of US Justice department, John Schroeder, who took his orders direct from the President. A continent killing neuro-toxin was at stake and most probably in Sir Williams's hands………and for sale to the highest bidder. Be it dictator or terrorist!
The Neutralizer's assignment was to observe, confirm possession of the toxin and then take out Sir William. The Neutralizer's years in the military, affiliation with the Justice department's #1 Fed and numerous successful missions for the government had placed him in a usually premier position for this assignment. The only hitch in this particular mission was Sir William himself. An adversary so well skilled and well taught in the arts of war, that only the Neutralizer himself was an equal.
Sir William was a step ahead of Ralph Arata a.k.a. the Neutralizer as he knew that Arata was in the UK and watching him. How Sir William knew this top secret info was anyone's guess, but most probably a leak somewhere in the Justice Department.
The "soldier" cruised the A54 in his raced prepared 1972 MGB, which was an especially designed pursuit vehicle, the collaborative brain child of Jim "the Bear" Evans and Tom "the Doctor" Josefek, two of the most renowned open British roadster designers world-wide. The V-8 Cosworth engine purred below the stock Leyland bonnet of the "B". The "soldier" removed his night vision goggles and took the MG out of "mute" mode as stealth was no longer needed. Sir William knew he was there and the GPS satellite tracking system embedded behind the "B's" false radio console kept a good eye on Sir William's favorite toy, an MG Midget which he affectionately called "Mr. Bill".
The Neutralizer kept his arsenal close at hand with the Berretta 93-R in shoulder leather and Israeli Desert Eagle in a "quick-draw" holster strapped to his thigh. The Heckler and Koch MP-5 Sub-gun with folding stock and stub silencer was perfectly built for use within the confined space of the MGB cockpit.
He kept a sharp eye on the LCD map showing Sir William as a luminous red dot cruising the A54 away from Holmes Chapel and on toward Crewe. Suddenly the red dot turned a sharp left on Chelford Road toward the hamlet of Swettenham. This was not a likely place for the arms dealer to head to as a destination but the soldier was compelled to follow. Staying with Sir William and finding the neuro toxic was paramount.
The Pirelli P-9s hugged the pavement as the MGB nimbly took the sharp left turn from the A54 with ease barely making any noise at all. The tires were especially chosen for the race-tuned suspension of the "B". Chelford Road would be considered minor-secondary on an English map meaning no markers or painted divider. No shoulder but enough room for 2 cars to pass side-by-side……………. just barely!
The Neutralizer slowed the B to 60 and then 50 kilometers. The road was very dark and rising clouds had blocked the moon leaving little light. From no where came a brilliant flash of light! No, four large disks of light and with it the crack of auto gun fire blasting into the driver's-side rear quarter of the MG and tracking to the driver's seat. A quick stroke of the 12"" Porsche-style steering wheel, right and then left, allowed the soldier to save his skin although the "B" now carried the pock-marks of 30 caliber full metal jacket Nato-issue ammo, the car becoming hopelessly tangled in the thick vines. The gunner who was half way out the window attempting to bead on the Neutralizer was thrown clear of the car but into the retaining wall on the other. Suddenly, a second quad of brilliant light blinded the soldier and then was accompanied by another blast of 30 caliber gun fire. Driving on almost bat-like senses the soldier steered the roadster to the extreme left brushing into a wall of hawthorn hedge but just squeezing the "B" past a '05 Lotus Esprit blocking most of the road.
With the sickening crunch of metal to metal contact the "B" was past the Lotus but now both high-powered sports cars gave chase. The soldier recognized the "chatter" of AK-47s blasting holes into the otherwise quiet night. The Kashikovs were sturdy but awkward to handle which were to the Neutralizer's advantage and he reared the MP-5 across the back deck of the "B" and let loose with the sub gun's own brand of 40 caliber "manglers". The armor piercing rounds caught the first Lotus straight in the front bonnet unleashing the hood lock and wrapping the bonnet over the top of the car - lights out for its driver!! The hardman behind the wheel of the lead Lotus soon lost sight of the middle of the narrow carriage way and the sports car took a left turn into the hedgerow with thr side of Chelford Road. Dead on impact!
That left one more Lotus to deal with and it came on with its four high powered fog lamps beading a target line to the Neutralizer. More auto fire - the back bumper of the MG was taking hits. The soldier returned fire with the MP-5 but missed the pursuing Lotus completely. Arata slammed the A4 transmission into 5th gear and hit the gas. He would use the more powerful and nimble "B" to put distance between him and the Lotus and catch up to Sir William at the same time. Just at that point, the luminous red dot re-appeared on the GPS tracking screen telling the soldier he was back in range of his prey.
More fire from the Lotus - the hard men were not giving up so easily. Another burst of the MP-3 and its slide locked dry. The soldier pulled his 44 magnum hand canon, the Desert Eagle, and took 2 quick shots at the pursuing Lotus. The "B" took a sharp right turn - the lotus went slightly wide and the soldier emptied the rest of a 10 shot magazine into the passenger side of the Lotus. At least one shot found the gunner and as he let go the physics took over and slammed him back into the Lotus from his window perch. With the force of a cannon ball the gunner struck the driver pinning him hopelessly to the drivers-side window.
The Lotus never came out of the turn but careened through the hedgerow and super-compressed its long sleek fiberglass body as it ploughed at full speed into a very large oak tree. The tree stood its ground and the car turned into an accordion. No time to check the damage as the satellite tracker took the soldier he was gaining fast on Sir William.
Chelford Road ended at the B5392 and the Neutralizer turned the "B" toward Macclesfield. Macclesfield, a town for the elite, foot-ballers and the like! Appropriate place for Sir William, thought the soldier.
The GPs signal took the soldier to a small farm just outside of MacClesfield. A grand stone farmhouse lay ahead on land dotted with out buildings that saw generations of English families. The pristine condition of the place told the soldier that this must be a place that Sir William would possess.
The Neutralizer parked the "B" but traded the MP-5 for an M-16/A-203 grenade launcher combo. The M-16 packed twin 60 round banana clips with each round containing a full 50 grain heavy load 38 caliber welcome…..for William! The launcher packed 8 - 40mm grenades utilizing both frag and concussion-type projectiles.
It was quiet….dead quiet. Too quiet, causing the soldier's combat senses came to full alert. The night was now pitch black and the XD-3 night vision goggles were back in place as the Neutralizer followed the small hand-held GPS decoder, again following its signal to Sir William's Midget. Ghosts again appeared as dull green foggy shadows as the XD-3 did its job to utilize what little light there was to provide cat-like vision. Combat sense tingled as the soldier knew he was getting close.
"Hello again my friend", came the voice of Sir William …… and I whirled myself upright and right out of bed with my face hitting the floor but my legs still tangled in the covers. I looked up ready for battle but only saw my wife Susan "glaring" at me with surprise. "What happened, Ralph"? "Did you stumble going to the bathroom……..remember the last time when you fell into the tub"???
Oh well, another dream! Guess going to the toilet isn't a bad idea after all. Next Neutralizer - SHOWDOWN

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