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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column
From your Co-chairmen
John Schroeder
John Schroeder's Left Hand Drive

Happy Holidays, everyone!
I am writing this as I prepare to go out to the garage to cover my new fuel tank with spray truck bed liner. I am working up a "to do" list to finish before the Missouri Endurance rally. Yes, I have conned my youngest into running it with me again.
In addition to the gas tank, I am rebuilding my front brake calipers and repacking the front wheel bearings. I also broke down and ordered an electric cooling fan to try to solve the overheating problems I encountered in the Rockies last summer.
The Holiday Party was fantastic as usual. Thanks to Dave Ransom for organizing a successful event again this year. Wade handled Emcee duties and arranged for an abundance of door prizes. I enjoyed walking around chatting with our great group of MG owners. I tried to at least say hello to everyone. I am sorry if I missed you.
We had our Natter N Noggin at a new location last month. We had twenty plus people at McNally's Pub in Elmhurst. I think that is the best attendance of any N&N I have been to. The food was delicious and they have British beers on tap. We are going there again in January in case you missed out. Then we are going to start trying out different pubs every other month. We will have two opportunities to sample the wares at each pub. Let me know your favorite pub so we can add it to the list. Thanks to Reinout, Wade, and Jim Evans for suggesting McNally's.
Ann and I have made our reservations for the Amtrak trip to Detroit. While some of us are going to the Detroit Auto show, I believe others intend to shop. Ann plans to join the shoppers. Go figure! I am sure a good time will be had by all.
Wade is gearing up for the new driving season and expects to have a planning meeting scheduled for late January or early February. Everyone is welcome to join us as we look for ideas for places to drive our LBC's. We have talked about trying to add a fourth tour this year as our members really seem to enjoy the relaxing drives through the country.
It is now less than six months until MG2006. I continue to hear from members who want to join our caravan to Gatlinburg. Let me know if you plan to register so I can add you to our email list. Reinout and Henneke are taking their M (it has to be one of the oldest MG's in North America). I know of one TD, two A's and several B's that are joining our group. This will be a highlight of our MG experience as they are expecting over one thousand cars.
We will install new officers at the January meeting. This is my final year as co-chairman and I am looking forward to another great year. Wade has been a great co-chairman and I am looking forward to working with Russ.
Just a few more months until we start getting some warm days mixed in for enjoying our cars. In April, we will be having our Spring tune up. The driving season can't be far behind. My B has been in the garage for way too long. I am suffering from one of the worst cases of roadster withdrawal since I started driving the B. I can't wait to get a nice sunny day and take her for a spin. I know it won't be long. See you on the road! And on the railroad!   John -

(Editor's note: There was no submission from Wade this month)

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