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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
War Debt Repaid

World War II put England in a great deal of financial debt to the USA and Canada. After the war England was hard pressed to "export or die" to raise hard currency to repay its war debts. One of the largest exports was automobiles, and notably MG cars in the greatest numbers. Some MG TC were brought to North America by servicemen returning home after the war, which effectively kicked off the great sports car enthusiasm here. The MG TD was the first MG sports car officially exported to North America, and in some notable volume, followed by the MG TF and other models. Nearly 90% of 100,000 MGA were sent here, as well as a large majority of half a million MGB through the 1980 models.

December 29, 2006. Is a notable moment in history for the UK. Sixty years on from massive USA and Canadian monetary loans, the UK has paid the final 48M installment to the USA on their loan, and also the final payment to Canada. -- Barney Gaylord.

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