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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes-November
Monday, November 19, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 8:13 p.m. by Co-Chairman Jim Evans when he banged the gavel. He announced this was the last general meeting for the year. (Anyone who shows up on the third Monday in December will be crying in their beer – by themselves.)
Present were 38 members.
The attendance sign-in and MG Bucks shirt sign-up sheets were passed around. Jim said that handouts (publications/articles/association applications/other club newsletters) are at the head table – and are available to members.
While no specific car projects were reported, Ed Misch reminded us of the importance of keeping a fire extinguisher in our cars. (A busted fuel hose coupling started one in his engine bay – which fortunately, was extinguished.)
Russ Mehaffey said he received an e-mail from Peter Shattock of the Victoria MG Club in Australia who will provide the CMGC one of his Club’s badges. Russ also said that Peter reported that his club had a huge turnout at a driving event.


10/28/07 – Fall “Tune-Down” Party at “Cowboy’s” with 15 cars, and for those who got there in time, beer & chili (there must have been some wicked backfiring & exhaust – hope the garage door was open). Next year, he might hold a safety inspection.


11/22/07 – This Thursday, our annual Thanksgiving morning “Cruise to the Rock” – with our (car) hoods lowered – to Jackson Park in Chicago in honor of the first U.S. car race (in 1895). Ann Snyder said she has been communicating with the CPD who have been quite supportive. We meet at 9:00 a.m.; check the web site for the map and confirmation. Some motorcycles and street rods will also be there. After we’re interviewed by Bill Wilt (sans feather girls) for his cable TV show, we’ll drive over to Bridgeport for brunch.
12/1/07 – the annual holiday party, kindly arranged (again) by David L. Ransom, Jr., where the cost will be partially subsidized by the Club. A $10 “bring one / take one” grab bag is optional. Featured that night will be special entertainment – namely, the return of “The Abingdon Players”. Supposedly, they’re so bad, they’re good; with this in mind, Jim asked for volunteers to “ham it up”.
1/25/08-1/27/08 – Jake Snyder announced the next Amtrak trip will be to the North American International Auto Show, at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Mich. We’ll stay at the same hotel in Dearborn (where the train stop is) as in 2006. The hotel rooms will be close to the price as they were then, as should the round trip train fare.
2/24/08 – All British Swap Meet – Jim told everyone to put this annual successful event on their calendar. He passed around sign-up sheets for volunteering at the various “shifts” (i.e., Sat. p.m. for set-up, early Sun. a.m. for greeting the vendors, during the event for collecting admissions, and Sun. p.m. for clean-up) – and said if you volunteer, write yourself a note what/when, as you won’t be reminded. We should have our usual collection of out-of-state vendors and local LBC club scavengers/hagglers.
July 2008 – Jake said that the camping trip planning for next summer’s Road America weekend has started.



An update on the Club’s project car was provided. The car has been started and driven (around the block). Another work day will be needed. Tomorrow, the car will be moved from Barney’s garage to Jim’s. (MANY THANKS to Barney for being the keeper of the car for all these months – as Wade Keene had done before him.) Once it’s finished, initially the Club likely will accept bids from the CMGC membership for its sale.
Reinout said that last week’s Natter ‘n’ Noggin – at a new location in Downers Grove – resulted in a turnout of 20 people, and that next month’s will be held at The Stadium in Rolling Meadows. Jim asked that anyone with suggestions for future venues give them to him or to Reinout.
Jim said some MG parts are available tonight as a silent auction (during the break). “Cowboy” asked if another “parts raid” at the Club’s storage locker could be held, as we still have a rather large inventory. In the meantime, Russ and Victor L’Heureux will try to start up a means for systematically selling them.
Jim announced that the “MG Bucks” (year-to-date) tally sheet is available for viewing. Doug Clark asked if the Thanksgiving “Cruise to the Rock” is eligible for MG Bucks. The answer was NO! (Because, if they didn’t award them in 1895, why should we?) They can be redeemed toward the payment of dues or merchandise.
Jim said he had a phone call re: two ’67 (a very good year) MGBs for sale in Evanston.
Jim reminded everyone that the 2008 dues of $20 can be paid any time now.
The nomination process for the 2008 officers was completed, with the candidates the same as last month. Seth Jones (aka, Jones, S.) indicated he had decided not to run for “co-chairman”, considering the time constraints imposed by his role as Driving Event Coordinator, as well as undertaking a new job. So, the ballot will consist of Jim Evans and Dean Swanson for Co-Chairman, Reinout Vogt for Treasurer, and Victor L’Heureux for Secretary (sucker!) Jim said write in votes are allowed. (Don’t even think about it.) The ballots will be mailed with the next month’s Driveline.


Library – “Wilbur” said that while there are no new additions, now would be a good time to check out a Bert Levy book – since you’ll have two months to read it (and then turn it in at the January meeting).
Tools – Jim said that a portable pressure blaster is available and that M.L. Hilliard donated tow bars for a chrome bumper MG.

At 9:10 the business part of the meeting concluded so we could buy 50/50 raffle tickets (from the Secretary who was hawking them – Doug Clark and stuffing his pockets with bills).
The lucky winners of the 50/50 raffle were: George Pharis, who claimed an attaché/bag, and Fred Baker, who wanted the money ($16).
The winners of silent auction items – after the bids were closed – were John Caprini (back-up lights) and Steve Gorr (headlight stone guards).

At 9:30 p.m. the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, - Doug Clark

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