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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
January 17, 2005

    The meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m. by Co-Chairman John Schroeder, who banged the gavel and proclaimed “We’re the new officers”. Announced to the 40 members and 5 guests in attendance were those duly elected - namely: Wade Keene (Co-Chairman), John Schroeder (Co-Chairman), Jim Evans (Treasurer), Doug Clark (Secretary).
    The following guests introduced themselves (and their cars): Tony Ruggere (’72 Midget - round wheel arch), Mark Gannon (MGA -Mark 11; a project car with Paul Watts), Hugh & Rachel Brady (’68 B - cost $305), Nowell Korey.

Doug Clark     A review of Recent Club Events consisted of the following:
    - The 11/25/04 “Cruise to the Rock” - by Ann Snyder. - The turnout was lower, but those who were there were helpful. For the 2005 event, a street closure near the monument will be needed.
    - The 12/4104 Holiday Party - by David L. Ransom, Jr. - The food was good and a good time was had by all. Those in attendance thanked Dave with a round of applause.
    - The 1/15/05 Tech Session - by John Schroeder. - The project car was John’s ’67 B. Conversion from generator to alternator (with other needed change, i.e., battery cables, fuel pump, tachometer, distributor, voltage regulator). 14 club members attended.

    Upcoming Club Events mentioned or described included:
    - The 1/28/05-1/30/05 Amtrak Road Trip (9lh Annual) - by Jake Snyder. This year’s train trip will be to St. Louis, Mo. (and back). Those traveling should meet at Union Station by 1:30 p.m. on 1/28/05.
    - Wade announced that a meeting to plan the 2005 driving season will be held, and asked that those with experience/interest in &/or ideas for rallies, autocrosses, and drives (spring & fall) attend. It would be good to resurrect the Lands’ End rally and Lucas Night rally. Especially needed are locations (e.g., large parking lots) for autocrosses. The meeting is at Mack’s on Sat., 2/12/05 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m (approx.).
    - “Cowboy” announced a tech session (U-joints) for Sun., 2/13/05 - the details (i.e, time & location) of which will soon be on our web site.
    - Members were reminded of the 2/21/05 General Meeting. The Club awards will be presented. Jim Evans pointed out that this is the Club’s annual meeting (as stipulated in the Club charter).
    - Jim Evans presented an update on the All British Swap Meet, on Sun., 2/27/05 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the DuPage Co. Fairgrounds in Wheaton. Jim stressed we need volunteers (and that they remember their assignments) for Sat., 2/26/05 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m and Sun., 2/27/05 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. - sign-up sheets were passed around. He reminded everyone that this is a big fund raiser for the Club, as it helps pay for our trophies and helps fund the holiday party. It’s also important that we continue to maintain our leading role in this, since other British car clubs (e.g., ISOA, Austin Healy, Jaguar, Min!) support it. Publications and out-of-state vendors have supported it.
    - John S. said that the season’s first driving event, the Missouri Endurance Rally, will be held Sat.-Sun. 3/19/05-3/20/05.
    - Jake updated us on the (7/15/05-7/17/05) BRIC races & camping at Road America, as pre-registration has started, and camping fees go up in July.

    Other Upcoming Events (mentioned by Doug Clark - the details of which can be found on our web site) include:
    - University Motors 30th birthday celebration (in Ada, Mich., on Sat. 1/22/05).
    - “An Evening With Sir Sterling Moss” (in Madison, Wis. on Sat. 1/29/05 - through the Madison Sports Car Club).
    - the 2005 University Motors Technical Seminars (during February in Ada, Mich.).

    Those serving in non-elected positions provided the following updates:
    - Jim E. (Tool Master) reminded us that the inventory of tools - incl. equipment such as a mig welder, engine hoist, and exhaust analyzer - is available, and that no tools have been added.
    - Dave Lieb (Librarian) mentioned three additions - The Illinois Vehicle Code, Haynes Manual on Component Repair, and a video featuring the Sept. ’04 Watkins Glen Collier Club race.
    - Dave R. (Regalia) said that MG “flat caps” are available and that those who have ordered name badges (yes, some of us need “stinkin’ badges”) can claim them.
    - Wade said the positions of Driving Events Coordinator and Archivist are open.
    - Jim E. suggested a new position - that of an “Internal Auditor” - despite the fact that the Club ended up 2004 with $1,500 more that it started the year with. The purpose would be to verify the Club Treasurer is keeping proper records of Club finances and following accepted accounting practices (and that he’s not showing up at the meetings in a Rolls, asking to borrow some Gray Poupb6). Jack Feldman and Reinout Vogt indicated that they would be willing to help out - which should entail a few hours a year.

    Other Business discussed included:
    - Per Wade, dues for 2005 need to be paid now.
    - Wade stated that the Board will work on formulating a policy for making charitable donations.
    - Doug C. suggested that those who have name badges try to remember to wear them to meetings or activities, as it will help the newer members get to know the long-time members, and vice versa.
    - Wade has an air compressor (110 volt, 3 hp) for sale - call him for the price and more details.
    - Jake S. announced that member Kim Tonry, after 7 1/2 years, is stepping down as the editor of the The Driver, the publication for NAMGBR, to which all those in attendance expressed their appreciation and thanks with a hearty round of applause for his fine work on behalf of the “B”.
    - The Club approved, at the suggestion of Mike Hirsch, to send flowers to our waitress at Mack’s on the loss of her father.

    The business portion of the meeting ended at 9:05 P.M.
    Winners of the 50/50 raffle were Oscar Gonzales, ‘John Schroeder, and Dave Lieb (too bad there weren’t any MG socks). A sum of $25 went to the donation pool.

    The program, which was enthusiastically led by “Cowboy” (’67 B) was a review of the Sept. 2004 MG races at Watkins Glen, N.Y., with participation from equally enthusiastic fellow racers Rey Navarro (’49 TC), Kelvin Palmer (174 B), Nowell Korey (’63 B), and Scott Fohrman (’64 B). Between them, they have at least sixty seasons of racing - not to mention the friendships and camaraderie developed through fun, but very competitive, MG racing. Large-screen video footage was also provided, and the program lasted well beyond 10:00 p.m. We thank these five presenters for sharing their enjoyment of MG racing with us!

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2005 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.