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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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From your Co-chairmen
Russ Mehaffey
Russ Meyhaffey's
Right Hand Drive

"Hello" from CMGC's new co-Chairman for 2006! I suppose "Thank You" is in order for your vote of confidence in me for the position...but I was unopposed! As I said at the January meeting: I don't know if I ran for the position so much as being impaled on the cow-catcher of the locomotive. But I look forward to helping out in this Club as best as I can.
Elsewhere in this Driveline issue is a new feature by the Editor - a chat with Russ Mehaffey. I will let that speak for some of the experience for me getting into this group. As that article states, my wife and I have been members in the CMGC for two years, after acquiring our 1957 MGA in March, 2004. Friends and family have told us it's a mid-life crisis or change-of-life thing we're dealing with. Our response is: "Hell no - this is FUN!" After describing a Cruise Night event to a friend she incredulously asked - "So you just drive around, park your car and have people look at it?" You know, some non-eccentrics just don't get it. But at the very least we're spending our kids' inheritance!
I caught the MG fever from a good friend in hometown Pittsburgh way back in 1975 (pronounced: "nineteen hundred and seventy five"). From then, until a few months ago, I never thought I'd be involved in this MG fever as I am today. We're getting to know this Chicagoland group and all the intricacies of MG (there's more than just the "A"?!) -cruise nights, shows, auto crosses, rallies, regalia, tours, rivalries . conventions (?!).
I've said that I needed all the help available after acquiring our car and figured that I needed to participate in some tech sessions before asking others to help in my tech session. So I jumped in and helped with a couple sessions before tagging along to Barney's seat clinic. That was a great day with beautiful work as a result. Do you have any tech session ideas?
I never raced a car ("Honest, Officer") until taking part in CMGC autocrosses in 2004. I did win two Novice Class events. But then you graduate out of your rookie year and the Big Boys beat you. But fun? You bet! Do you have any auto cross venues to suggest?
Tours and Rallies have been nothing but fabulous. With the exception of that one rally that just #&%$* (but I don't want to get into that)! Do you have any tour or rally routes for the club?
What I am asking is for your input as to what you want your car club to provide. We are having a meeting on February 12th, 2:00 PM at Mack's to plan this year's driving events. If you have a particular favorite route for a tour or rally, please share that with the group. I want to investigate other venues for auto crosses (even if I don't expect to place) but we are looking for your input too. Otherwise, any ideas you have are more than welcomed. Please let us know.
For something new - I propose creating a Chicagoland MG Club calendar for 2007. Get your car prepared and locate the best photogenic opportunity to be included; details to be reported throughout the year.
I also want to know what the membership wants for being a member of the Chicagoland MG Club. We want your participation. What do you want?

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