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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Greatest Movie Car Chases
of all Time

by Jesse Crosse 2006

This book is not just a listing of movies, but the story of how movie chases are made and how they have evolved from the era of silent movies to today’s multi-million dollar scenes. Included are interviews with stunt drivers, directors, and cinematographers. There are no MGs mentioned, but plenty of Jaguars and Minis.

The final chapter has a listing of the author’s choices for the top twenty film chases and why he chose them. On a personal note, I have six of the twenty in my video collection, but there was one film that I was not familiar with. After renting the movie from Netflix, I can see why I had not heard of it. Nothing like watching two hours of a bad (is there any other kind?) French movie dubbed in English just to see a two and a half minute chase scene.

Additionally the book has the first “true” published accounting of C’Etat un Rendezvous. There is also a nice photo of a Dodge Challenger R/T being credited as having Rostyle wheels, so there is an MG connection after all.


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