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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Kim and Diane Meet a Famous 60ís MG Owner!

Diane and I went to Beatlefest/Chicago last Saturday. 30th Annual. Diane went for many years but I had never gone. Usually have a conflict with Bonneville or the MG Summer Party in Michigan. It was a great time. Heard Klaus Voorman, Pete Best, Peter Asher and Gordon Waller speak. Saw Pete Best's band perform.

But the really fun thing was meeting Gordon Waller. Diane spotted a 60's publicity photo of Peter & Gordon sitting in an MGB on their booth table, so I got a copy and got Gordon's autograph and his comments on the MGB he owned back then.

When Diane spotted the photograph on a table full of P&G stuff early in the day and said she thought it was a Midget, the woman manning the table piped up and said it was Peter and Gordon in MGB Gordon's right-hand-drive MGB. (Since Diane has a GT, she immediately related the visible center rod to my Midget rather than the B since the GT doesn't have one)

So later on when I decided I had to buy the photo despite its price, I was a bit disappointed that it was well after the posted time of their scheduled autograph session. But Diane asked if it was still possible to get the print signed and was told that Peter had disappeared but Gordon's drink glass was still on the table so he was still in the area and would happily autograph the print as soon as they located him. Sure enough I saw him by the table a few minutes later and got to talk to him. Turns out he was quite certain that the the car in the pic was a loaner from BMC (or British Leyland as he said) because the one in the photo he remembered was silver and his was black. Of course when I asked if it was his MGB , the first thing he said was "MGB, a bit of a pig, eh?" and then grinned immensely.

A World Without Love, But With MGs...   Kim

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