Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline February 2009

Jim Evans The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

This month marks the 13th anniversary of the “All British Car Swap Meet & Autojumble”; you can read all about the first one in the Driveline archives on the club web site. And you can also read there about last year’s Swap Meet and every other one in between.
And you can read about a lot of other things there, too. You can see who was active in the club over these many years and what kind of events were held and where and when. Some of the names and places and activities may be familiar to you while others may be quite new. All in all the archives give a pretty good picture of the history of our club over the last 30+ years.
You might find yourself saying: “Hey, that sounds like fun – maybe we should do that again!” Or you might instead observe: “Hmmm, what’s the attraction here? I don’t think I would have liked that at the time”. Or you might see a picture and say: “Is that what so-and-so looked like back then?”
The web site archives are just one aspect of the club’s offerings. Another is the club library, which is usually present at monthly meetings. Have you looked through the selection lately? Certainly some interesting stuff there – MG history, racing, novels, and more. Books and videos. And a few shop manuals, too if you’d like to save the cost of buying one for that upcoming project. Check it out (so to speak) at the next meeting.
The club regalia selection is also often present at monthly club meetings. A good chance to get a club motif cap, shirt, or other item. Have you seen the grill badges?
The club tool library is not really suited for transport to meetings, but all items are listed on the web site and club tools can be easily borrowed by calling the “toolmaster” to arrange a pickup. Club tools are generally items that are expensive, seldom used, and very useful when needed: the sort of thing you wouldn’t want to buy for yourself but would rather borrow. Take a look at the web site next time you embark on a project: we may be able to save you some money.
We will be discussing past progress and future plans for all of these club areas at the monthly meeting in February.


If you have any ideas or suggestions, please put them forward for consideration. This meeting is your chance as a member to quiz the officers on last year’s activities as well as future plans. Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.
After all, member involvement is what led to the archives, the library, the regalia and the tools as well as most of our other programs and activities. But you probably already knew that if you have read through those club archives on the web site. And no comments, please, on who used to look like what.
Safety Fast, -- Jim Evans
Safety Fast

dave_peterson The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice - President

Another year has begun and I've already broken my resolution to not make any resolutions.  I'm sorry to start my tenure in office by missing the first two meetings of the year.  As I write I'm sitting on a patio in Tucson looking at the desert and enjoying the warm, almost hot temperature.  I know, it's a dirty rotten job,but somebody has to do it. 
  My MG resolutions have mostly to do with working on my cars.  I would like to take part in driving events so that means the roadster's speedometer needs to be repaired and all the nagging bits need to be attended to. The GT is a restoration project, so I need to break that process into managable tasks and start alloting time to working on it step by step.  I've heard that consistently spending 15 hours a week on a project will get the job done. 
My goal for my job as VP is to have programs for as many of our meetings as possible.  There are some presentations lined up and I hope we can continue Cowboy's mini tech sessions.  If you know speakers who might have topics of interest let me know.  If you are willing to share your MG experiencs with the club;  that would be interesting too.
  So my resolution is to do my best to make it a good MG year for myself and the club.
-- Dave Peterson

The Club welcomes all MG enthusiasts to call on its gatherings. Please call any person listed above for more information.

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On the cover: The disastrous wreck of Bill Cole’s 1957 MGA and its “rebirth”. Please see the complete story on page 5.

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