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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Awards for the year 2000
club participation

The Driving Awards:
		Rally Drivers
	1st Place: 	Kelvin Palmer
	2nd Place: 	David Lieb
	3rd Place:	Roger Goebbert
		Rally Navigators
	1st Place:  	Victoria Palmer
	2nd Place: 	Michaela Lieb
	3rd Place:	Shirley Goebbert
		Autocross Champions
	1st Place:  	Dave Bralich
	2nd Place: 	Jack McIlvain
	3rd Place:	Parker Whiteway

The Shadow Awards:

Cream Crackers: Showing the MG team spirit. And for their efforts in continuing the timely publication of our newsletter.
        Barney Gaylord, editor
        Oscar Gonzales, distribution
        Kelvin Palmer, production

Keeping it on the Road: Enthusiasm for technical empowerment, embodied in many technical Sessions
        David Bralich, “Tex” coordinator (retired)

New Member of the Year: New or recent member who makes a contribution to the operation of the club through involvement in club matters.
        Paul Urquhart, mutiple rallymaster

Ambassador at Large: Earning goodwill for the Chicagoland MG Club among other MG owners and clubs, with particular emphasis on his maintenance of the Web Page.
        Barney Gaylord, webmaster

Safety Fast: Achievement and enthusiasm in competitive driving, especially in campaigning an MGB in wheel-to-wheel events and encouraging others to join him.
        Kelvin Palmer

Maintaining the Breed: Long-term commitment to preservation of the MG marque
        John Twist
        Caroline Robinson

President Award: A special award for a special cause. In this case, for their generous efforts involved with organizing and coordinating the Abingdon 2000 Summer Party, a large step forward for this club.
        Jim Evans
        Reinout Vogt
        Bill & Debra Mennell
        Geoffrey & Deborah Morris
        Ray Glorioso

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