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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

The MG Council of
North America Presents:

JULY 1 - 6, 2001

You are invited to attend the premier MG event for 2001.
Join the
North American MMM Register,
The New England T Register,
The North American MGA Register,
The North American MGB Register. and
The American MGC Register
for a fun-filled week of MG camaraderie.

Most activities will be based around an "MG Village",
centrally located within a few miles of the host hotels.
This will give all participants the opportunity to interact
with MG friends regardless of what vehicle they drive.

This event, held every five years, will offer:
Popular Vote Car Shows and Concours (by Register),
Rallies and Driving Tours, Tech Sessions,
Social Events, Vendors, Contests,
Prizes, MG Races, Rocker Cover Races,
and much, much more.
Register on line at:
or call 614-899-2394

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