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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
February 21, 2005

    The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by Co-Chairman John Schroeder.

        The first part of the meeting was the presentation of the 2004 Awards. The Driving Awards were presented by Don Anderson (after his usual opening diatribe extolling the alleged virtues of finishing third). “Wilbur” Mennell presented the Club Awards. The winners (and the recipients of the trophies) are noted in the article Annual Awards. “Wilbur” was then presented with an award for his exceptional service to the CMGC, for which he was roundly applauded by all.

Doug Clark     At 8:25 the business portion of the meeting began In attendance were 36 members and one guest - an owner of a 1957 MGA coupe, Schultz of McHenry (last seen cornered by Barney, well past ten o’clock).
        The following members and their car projects were mentioned:
    -Maynard Hirsch (illumination for his instrument cluster)
    -Tony Ruggere (’72 Midget)
    -Dean Swanson(’68 B - alternator light in instrument panel)

        The following past events were reviewed:
    -The 1/28-30 Amtrak trip to St. Louis (by Jake Snyder & Jim Renkar). Time was spent at LaClede’s Landing. The museum was interesting. The train journeys were close to being on schedule
    -The 1/22/05 University Motors (30th) “Birthday” Party in Ada, Mich. was attended by Barney (and his MGA), despite the snowy weather (good for him - er, them!).
    -Wade mentioned a successful driving planning meeting was held on 2/12/05 - details of which will be shared.
    -Gary Cooke reported on a successful tech session on his MGB (universal joints), 12 members were in attendance.

        The following upcoming events were reviewed:
    -The 2/27/05 All British Swap Meet. Jim Evans provided an update in his usual thorough manner, reporting that booths have been rented, vendors from out of state will be in attendance, and the other usual British car clubs will be there. He distributed sign-up sheets for Sat. p.m. & Sun. volunteering, pointing out those who do so will have the $5 admission charge waived. He again stressed that this is the Club’s main source of revenue, so it remains very important
    -The North Suburban Sports Car Club is hosting a free driving school at the Holiday Inn in Elgin on 3/11/05, 3/18/05, & 3/25105
    -”Cowboy” announced two tech sessions in March. On 3/13/05, from 9:00 to 1:00 at United Classic Motors (subject/car TBD). On 3/20/05, Barney’s MGA will be getting new seats (check the Driveline &/or web site for more details).
    -John Schroeder announced that the Missouri Endurance Rally will be 3/19105-3/20/05.
    -”Cowboy” announced the Spring Tune-Up “Party” will be on 4/17105 in Darien.
    -Wade announced the first autocross will be at 9:00 a.m. on 4/24/05 (at the Cantera theater parking lot).
    -On 4/29/05-5/l/05 an MG-Triumph Challenge will be held at Road Atlanta; some of the members of our Club may go.
    -Wade said the Spring Tour will be on 4/30/05, with the start near Aurora, then to the west/southwest (toward Utica, Ill.?).
    -The Champaign British Car Festival is Memorial Day weekend (5/27-5/29/05)
    -Tom Josephek will be planning the Land’s End Rally - to be held on 6/11/05. It will be run in conjunction with member from the British Boots’n Bonnets (Rockford), so other British marques will be represented. The Rally will end at Curt Bork’s (“Build it, and they will come”) in unincorporated Kirkland, Ill., with a picnic. An extra rally fee for charity may be offered
    -John S. said that three members may be driving their cars to this year’s NAMGBR in Wash. (state) from 7/6/05-7/10/05 - and that Roger & Shirley Goebbert have attended them all!
    -Doug Clark said that a GOF (Central) is being held at the Indian Lakes Resort in nearby Bloomingdale from 7/6/05-7/9/05. He stated that all MGs, not just T-types or pre-war models, are welcome. He brought registration forms - and will do so at future meetings. More information is available on the VMGCC web site
    -Jake reminded everyone of the 7/15/05-7/17/05 Road America camping trip and the BRIC races
    -The Indiana British Car Union will hold London to Brighton Run 7/16-7/17/05.
    -University Motors (Ada, Mich.) will be holding Summer Party 8/11/05-8/14/05.

        The following old business was discussed:
    -Wade said “no dues, no Driveline” (So please pay your dues if you haven’t).
    -The updated Club roster is at the printers.
    -The Club needs a Driving Events coordinator, as John and Wade are helping in this role for the time being.
    -Wade stressed that unless the Club finds someone to be the coordinator for the Abingdon MG Weekend, it will cease to exist (the MG Weekend that is, not the Club).

        Staff reports were given:
    -Jim gave an update as Treasurer. He explained that this meeting serves as the annual & business meeting, as the Club is a non-profit entity. He said he met with Jack Feldman to go over the books. Approx. $5,300 is the balance of the checking account, following $22,000 in revenue, $26,000 in expenditures, and a 2004 starting balance of approx. $9,300. The Club voted to accept the Treasurer’s report
    -Dave Lieb (Librarian) has no new additions (books, videos, or socks).
    -David L. Ransom, Jr. (Regalia) is working on obtaining tool bags, lapel pins, patches, & name badges.
    -”Cowboy” (Tech Coordinator) said that during the driving season (Apr. to Nov.) not as many tech sessions as in the past will be held (so members spend more time driving their cars).

        Driving events have been planned for 2005.
    -Mike Hirsch suggested a reduced fee for a first time rally driver
    -Don Anderson said he’d like to see the Club hold a “garage tour”
    -Wade said that the autocrosses will be held at the Cantera theater’ parking lot, but asked members to let him know of possible alternative sites

       The 50/50 raffle was held. The winners were:
    -Jim Michel ($22)
    -Elliot Gaylord (NASCAR model kit)
    -Doug Clark (eyeglass frame lights)

       The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2005 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.