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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
New Tales of the Mongrel
By Ralph Arata
The Neutralizer

The moon hung low in the Cheshire sky, visible again but veiled somewhat by the rising mist as that oh-so-familiar British dampness began to rise from the ground into the atmosphere - it was getting foggy! The mist rose slowly gradually extending its fingers high into the English sky.
Millions of crystalline stars appeared in a halo of light generated by the driving lamps of the high powered MGB sports car as they pierced the lonely night. The high candle-power lamps showed the way guided by another pair of icy-blue eyes. The eyes of a predator in pursuit. The eyes of a soldier. The watching thinking eyes of the "Neutralizer"!
The mission handed down to this soldier by the chief Fed of the US Justice Department, John Schroeder, was to track Sir William and locate the city-killing neuro-toxin he had stolen with intent to sell to the highest bidder.
The Neutralizer was tracking Sir William along the B5392 heading toward the village of Macclesfield in the north of England. There was a private auction to be held by Sir William which featured an infamous list of guests from terrorist, to angry dictator to hate group.
The luminous red blimp from the soldier's on-broad GPC monitor identifying Sir William's MG Midget showed it now parked in an alley on the west side of town. The soldier approached cautiously.
The Neutralizer pulled the "B" off of William Heath Road and onto Chelsey Way with the "B's" lights off and engine in "mute" mode. The soldier parked the MGB 50 paces from Sir William's Midget back toward William Heath Road.
The soldier checked his weapons. The Beretta 93-R he set at 3 round bust and place in the quick draw holster beneath his left arm pit. He leathered the Israeli Dessert Eagle 44 Magnum in the hip holster and then drew his main assault weapon, a Heckler & Koch MP-5 sub gun. The MP-5 only stood 18 inches in length but sported a folding stock for more accurate firing. The short sub gun was perfect for inside, close quarter's warfare. Its stub silencer ideal for taking out sentries when in single shot mode. The Neutralizer then pulled the 100 round drummed ammo clip and slid it into position on the MP-5's frame. A single drum should do with the soldier's get-and-go strategy.
As The Neutralizer slowly approached a side entrance his olfactory senses were assaulted by the pungent mix of odors rises from the alley's pavement and trash. The soldier carefully turned the door's handle - locked! His drew and small pick set from his military webbing and quickly had the door open. The interior was dark and dank as he slowly moved up a tight hallway - combat senses on high alert!
There was an open doorway leading to a room with a dull light beyond. The soldier moved slowly but stopped dead as he noticed a shadow to the right. The flash of a match told him that this hard guy was taking a break for a cigarette. The Neutralizer allowed the MP-5 to hang by its shoulder sling as he pulled a garrote from his military webbing. The soldier moved within 10 paces then 5 and then 2………the garrote found its' place and the guard slid to the floor.
Through a handing curtain the Neutralizer could see a room filled with people - the AUCTION! Sir William stood alone behind a podium - the cock of the walk! He addressed approx. 20 of the most frightening people on earth each of which had their own ax to grind with the free world….and the neuro-toxin would that ax!
The toxin sat on a steel table in the middle of a small stage in front of its audience. Its temperature corrected bullet proof container was excellent as the Neutralizer decided to go for the bonus - take as many of the potential owners of the toxic as he could.
The soldier grabbed a smoke grenade and set the MP-5 to 3 round burst. The dooms day numbers fell quickly. As the index finger found the smoke grenade's ring he held his breath. Then, in a second, all hell broke loose. The soldier underhanded the smoke grenade with the orb settling smack in the middle of the audience. Guns gleaned from under robes and suit jackets as the largest collection of terrorists every collected scrambled in every direction. Instantly, the room was filled with a thick green fog as the smoke bomb did its blinding work.
The Neutralizer hurdled the railing separating him from the stage and double-tapped the MP-5 taking out the 2 nearest guards flanking the neuro-toxin's canister. As the soldier grabbed at the canister he set to sub-gun at full auto and unleashed its full metal jacket payload on the on-rushing Sir William's soldiers taking down 4 in an instant. Gun were now blazing in a dozen mindless directions as the auctions infamous customers sought targets everywhere and in at least 2 cases taking down some of their own.
The soldier grabbed the canister and dropped in the combat sling on his back. As he turned he grabbed one of his CP-4A frag grenades, pulled the pin and hurled it into the audience to cover his retreat. The blast killed half dozen bad guys with another 4 or 5 down from the metallic projectiles that the frag grenade screamed through the air.
Back down the hallway to the alley - almost too easy! Another of Sir William's soldiers met him half way to the door. The weight of the canister had caused the Neutralizer to discard the sub-gun so now he pulled the Beretta 93-R from shoulder leather and took the guard out with a head shot.
Through the doorway and into the alley the Neutralizer hit the remote start switch on the "B" and its V-8 roared to life. The soldier was in the high-powered MGB and away. At the end of the alley Arata yanked the "B's" 12" Porsche-styled wheel hard left onto William Heath Road. The MG quickly accelerated to 140 kilometers/hour and headed toward the rendezvous point Schroeder had arranged for him.
No Sir William take down, but an easy exit! Traveling north to the A-54 the hairs on soldier's neck raised as combat senses screamed. With that came a whoosh and a blast to the right of the right of "B"…………. an RPG-7 shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Why would Sir William be so careless to risk the spreading of the toxin?? Something was very wrong here but the soldier had to time to debate with himself. The accelerator went to the floor of the "B" and the Cosworth engine responded propelling the roadster to forward like a rocket.
The numbers in the soldier's mind fell fast. The time was fast approaching 3AM and the roads were vacant - clear of non-combatants. The soldier checked his rear mirror and saw the silhouette of a Jaguar XK-8 coming on fast. He could see the rocket launcher on the shoulder of the passenger and with that a second whoosh! The soldier steered the "B" quickly left and the launcher's HE round obliterated the hedge row on the right.
The Neutralizer drove the MG onto the A54 with the physics almost letting go! The soldier steered the sports car true and continued on the A54 back toward Congelton. The XK-8 slowed and followed allowing the soldier to distance himself from the range of the RPG……for a moment.
The soldier sent more 100 octane fuel into the Cosworth's 4-barrel carburetor. He was heading for a particular lane where he would be better able to contend with his pursers and to guard the toxin. A second larger car had joined the chase and without recognizing detail the soldier knew it was the enemy. A crew wagon!
The Neutralizer planned his strategy mentally, judging distance, reviewing the terrain and how he would use the "B" in the coming battle. He moved the chess pieces quickly but carefully in his mind's eye, adding at least 8 more combatants from the crew wagon. Arata knew timing was crucial and that time was running out. He checked his gear, his remaining grenades and the canister. He began the final countdown..……..from nowhere came a shrill alert and the soldier jumped up and moved fast with smoke already filling the room. Room?? Hey, wait a minute - this is a race-prepared MGB!!!
A raised voice from my wife, Susan came from the living room and shouted. "Ralph - are those the cookies I smell?? Did you fall asleep and burn the cookies in the oven that I asked you to watch for me?" I thought to myself that this was not quite the profile of a secret agent but could be just as dangerous!

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