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One more day of winter is one day closer to Spring! My (very) limited understanding of thermo-dynamics tells me there is no such thing as "cold", rather there is a "lack of heat". Well, we're getting some spring-like days and my car finally has heat! I'm reminded of a horse spending the wintertime without much exercise, mostly indoors, just waiting to get out, be ridden and cut loose. Fortunately we've had those opportunities and we have cut loose, even if it's for a quick thirty minute ride.
Hopefully you have been able to get out on the too-few good days or at least are progressing on your work with a little less chill in the air.
We had our events planning meeting and dates are set. This year we'll probably have more Tours than Rallies. But if you want a Rally, raise your hand …. and write one (hint). I will be preparing the Spring Chicken Tour for April 30th so mark the date and look for more details on the website and in Driveline. This will follow the spring tune-up session so all the beasts should be ready to cut loose!
Recently I met one of our members, Dennis from Grayslake, and he told me there are several members in the northwest 'burbs that want to get more involved with the CMGC - especially the Tech Sessions. Dennis told me how unreliable his '79 MGB was (really, an old British car unreliable?) and that he didn't trust it to make the trip to Downers Grove or Carol Stream for one of our recent sessions. This brought up an overlooked point: Tech Session locations are portable. The CMGC is not a shop but club members and their expertise are certainly portable. Your garage is always a candidate to host a Tech Session. We encouraged Dennis to set something up and hopefully we'll be able to get his B placed back in the ranks of "Reliable" along with others in the hinterlands of Chicago…in time to run the Spring Tour, right?! I encourage anyone needing help to contact Cowboy about Tech Sessions.
So remember: There is no cold, just lack of heat. Heat is good. Heat is our friend. Or, another concept: The mug of Old Speckled Hen is not half empty, it is half full…..but soon it will be empty! Drive safe.

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