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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 19, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by Co-Chairman Jim Evans.
Present were 44 members and one guest – Pat Marcus of the Miata Club.
Jim explained that the format of the meeting will be different as this serves as the annual business meeting that the CMGC is obligated to conduct, since it has corporate status.
Jake Snyder said that 14 members (11 via Amtrak) went to South Bend, Ind. last month to visit the (remodeled) Studebaker museum.


Doug Clark Jim reminded everyone of the British Swap meet this Sunday. He again passed around the sign-up sheet for volunteers to work the doors, the Club booth, set-up, and clean-up. He said the usual British car clubs & vendors, incl. some from out-of-state, will be there.
Barney reminded all those interested to attend the Driving Events meeting on 3/11/07 (2:00 p.m.) at Mack’s that has been organized by Seth Jones.
Russ Mehaffey mentioned that he received an inquiry about the possibility of the Club providing an escort of MGs to transport doctors at a summer convention in Chicago, which will be investigated further.


Agendas were available for everyone. The first report was the 2006 Treasury report – Jim’s last as treasurer. He reviewed the figures in the checking and savings accounts – which were prepared on a cash flow basis – and said that he has backup exhibits that would be available for review. Jack Feldman, who has served as an “auditor” during the past year, commented favorably on Jim’s work on the financial statements. Seth suggested that we look into an interest bearing account that would pay higher interest, as the current rate is only about .5%. A discussion ensued on this point, and Reinout Vogt, the newly elected treasurer, said this will be investigated.
Victor L’Heureux, the Membership Secretary, gave his report. He said that the membership has been trending lower (from 390 members in ‘00 to 275 members in ‘06). He reviewed the initiatives outlined in his report, esp. trying to regain former members, reviewing the Club demographics for the purpose of more even geographical planning of Club activities, and the issuing of “new member” packets. Jim chipped in by saying that the Club will stress membership participation in 2007.
David L. Ransom, Jr., Regalia, said that regalia sales have gone up since 2004 and stressed that he is open to suggestions from members as to possible new inventory items.
“Wilbur” Mennell, Library, said that a possible goal would be to acquire one new book or video each month, with a possible accompanying review of same for the Driveline. Also, he said that he will work toward getting what’s available for check-out on the web site up-to-date. He asked that members e-mail him if interested in borrowing an item, and that it would be possible to return any items to the Library, by giving same to him, at any Club function. He indicated that it has become too cumbersome to bring everything with him to the Club meetings – but he will still bring some items.
Barney Gaylord, the Webmaster, said the web site has grown by leaps and bounds, and has received views and compliments from all over the world. He says that the number of page views continues to increase, and at an annual cost of only $100, this is a very worthwhile Club asset. In response to a question, he said that the web site doesn’t have a problem with spam or hackers. Jim urged everyone to review the comprehensive report detailing the enhancements that Barney prepared. The Club gave him a well-deserved round of applause for all his work put into the web site that has made it so valuable.
Seth, this year’s driving events coordinator, went over the general plans he’s considering this year – and that will be discussed and revised during the aforementioned 3/11/07 driving events planning meeting. Events planned will include rallies, tours, autocrosses, and car shows. Jim said that attending non-British shows with our cars is a good way to pique curiosity and increase interest in our cars. Another area of the Club that will be emphasized this year is driving our cars at / to Club events.
Jim went over new “programs” that we hope to institute this year. Among which will be:
-developing a financial plan and guidelines for spending the Club’s funds
-arranging speakers at our meetings
-showing of videos at our meetings
-bringing back “MG bucks” for attendance at driving events, Club functions, volunteering (e.g., as at the British Swap Meet), and for wearing a non-CMGC shirt to a Club meeting (one time per shirt – it’s the honor system!)
He also said that an effort will be made at “coordinated scheduling” – which will call for planning events that are well spaced out and attempt to avoid other conflicts. He said he had a productive phone conversation with Larry Carlson, Pres. of the Vintage MG Club, and felt that we might be able to combine some of our events. He said that we will look at possible technology changes that might be available for the Driveline, and that we will have advertising in it. The following members made suggestions to expand consideration for MG bucks: Dave “Cowboy” Bralich for Driveline articles/reports, Dean Swanson for Driveline features, and Wade Keene for attendance at tech sessions. It was felt that these are worthy inclusions in the reinstituted MG bucks program.
Reinout then went over the 2007 budget. The figures, presented on a net basis, have been prepared based on 250 paid-up members. The sources of funds, together with the Club’s expenses (including those for events) were summarized. Don Walega and Jim Renkar made suggestions about Driveline expenses re: mailed vs. e-mailed. After a short discussion about dues (which might have last been increased in the 1990s?), the Board will consider whether they should be increased (by say, $5 or $10?). Barney raised a concern about the adequacy of the budget – to which Jim agreed, and said that’s why a financial plan this year is necessary (and will be formulated).


Special Awards:
John Schroeder, for his Wisconsin Beer, Wine & Cheese Tours: a book on Wisconsin breweries (so he has to keep running these in future) and a portable urinal (which would no doubt create great interest on the Antiques Roadshow) – Doug Clark apologized for the latter prize, as we had hoped to present John with some NASA diapers, but the astronaut used them all.
To Russ Mehaffey, a spreader to be towed behind his MGA (with a big bag of kitty litter, of course)
Club Awards
Safety Fast – for success in competitive driving.
“Wilbur” Mennell – for his autocross driving.
Maintaining the Breed – for commendable efforts in restoration work.
Don Walega – for his work on the CMGC project car
Ambassador at Large – for promoting goodwill towards the Club.
Dean Swanson – for becoming involved in the British Car Union (BCU), as he’s now the Club’s representative.
New Member of the Year – for enthusiastic contribution from a new member.
Victor L’Heureux – for stepping up to help with the Club membership
Cream & Crackers – for contribution to the MG community.
John & Ann Schroder – for their participation in and planning of events.
President’s Award – for dependable and valuable contributions
Wade Keene – for his work on the Driveline and maintaining the Club membership rolls, as well as for providing a workshop for the CMGC project car
Driving Awards – Rally and Autocross
Russ & Amy Mehaffey (both trophies will have their names engraved on them!)
At approximately 9:30 we took a break. It seems half the membership made a mad dash for the bathroom, with the most of the others bolting for the exit. A few remained asleep. The Club Secretary made a futile effort to sell 50/50 raffle tickets. After the break, the 50/50 raffle winners were announced. They were:
-Russ Mehaffey ($8)
-one of the Hirsch brothers – not sure which (two tickets for a Mini car dealer event in the western suburbs – the next night!)
The meeting (mercifully) adjourned, but not before 9:45.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2007 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.