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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead

As of February 1, Illinois motorists with cars older than 1996 production models will be exempt from state emissions testing programs. According to a February 23 article in the Sun-Times and affiliated newspapers, any vehicle currently in compliance will not be subjected to further testing.
Many members of this club and other individuals throughout the automotive hobby area will rejoice at this news.
No single aspect of hobby car ownership has been such a negative burden as this nightmare program has been for many years: we all have stories about its mistakes, incompetent personnel, and overall unfairness to the public. We all know of good cars that were junked, sold out of state, or put out to pasture because of this misguided program. Many of us are also aware of how unfairly this program was administered by the EPA and how it devastated the hobby car movement in certain targeted areas such as metropolitan Chicago. Many of us are also aware that it made no real contribution to pollution reduction, in spite of the politically correct rhetoric surrounding it.
No doubt the club emissions testing analyzer will soon be gathering dust: it served us well for many years and, hopefully, will never need to help in the same fight again. A commemorative toast to this programís well deserved death will be held at the March Natter Ďní Noggin.

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