Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2009

The “Odd” Natter 'n' Noggin

In last month's Driveline, we announced that we will have alternating locations for our Monthly Natter 'n' Noggin. The even months will be at Roundhead's in Downers Grove. And because the Country Side Saloon in Des Plaines didn't care to break up the bill in to separate tickets, we'll be at Finn McCool's in Schaumburg for the odd months. Although the Schaumburg address may sound complicated, the restaurant is very easy to find. It is right at the Algonquin Road off-ramp from Route 53 (which is the I-355/290 extension). Coming from the North or the South, turn Right, West, on Algonquin and Finn McCool's is right there on the left side of the road.
The reservation for 7:00 PM on March 10th is in the MG Club name. And they know that we are not all coming at the same time and like to have separate checks.

March 10th, starting at 7:00 PM
Finn McCool's
1941 E Algonquin Road
847 303 5100 (select the Schaumburg location)

  Please call Reinout Vogt at 847 342 9804 for any questions.
PS:  On Tuesday they have the domestic table top tapper on special; 2.5 liters, which is almost 85 ounces. Let's try to get enough people out so that we can enjoy one of these and still drive home safely.

Guinevere and Me (continued)
local club. That’s how I discovered the alignment was way out, how to aim my headlights, replaced a front shock, and fixed some lights. Working on this car is like discovering her true character after digging through all the faults that nearly 40 years of use and abuse has burdened her with.
One thing that’s worth noting is what it’s like to take this car through a touch free car wash. I was feeling kind of crazy and bored one afternoon so I thought I’d try it. All I have to say is, if you want to know what it’s like to drive an old car through a tropical storm, a tsunami, and a geyser at the same time, this is the only way to do it! Not only did the car come out nice and clean, but I did too. Apparently, the old top, the door weather strip, and windshield glazing were either worn out or designed to get the occupants soaking wet in a drive thru car wash.
I look forward to another month at the wheel.
-- Seth Jones


Library Muse

In last October and November’s Driveline I ran a little quiz. Let me just say the response was quite under whelming. So I’m going to try it one more time. Ready? What was the first car that you saw James Bond Drive? Color, year, model, and make if you please. I don’t need the license plate number. Winner will be announced at the March general meeting, so get your answer to me by then. As always, bribing the judge of our contests is acceptable, but will not guarantee results.
Also at the March meeting, we will have available two new videos, Can-Am, The Speed Odyssey, and Aston Martin, the David Brown Years. I have found that videos are a lot lighter and easier to schlep up and down the stairs to Mack’s meeting room.
Aston Martin
The David Brown Years

VHS. 1994, 77 minutes, B&W and color
The video starts with a brief profile on David Brown and the Aston Martin cars prior to WW2, but the main body of the film focuses on the race cars from the post war years thru 1972, the years David Brown owned Aston. Almost all of the footage is action shots, interspaced with interviews, and closes with short narration of the post Brown years.
“Enjoy a feast of magnificent archive racing footage, including rare early in-car camera, plus fascinating insights from team members Tony Brooks, … Carroll Shelby, and Sir David Brown himself.”
The Speed Odyssey

Narration by Sam Posey and Jim Hall
DVD, 95 minutes, color
Group 7, the wildest of the road racing cars with just about no restrictions, driven by the world’s best drivers, doing battle across the tracks of North America. Rolling Thunder. Every thing else was bush league. If you saw it, you’ll never forget it.
This is a video history of the series, set in yearly chapters narrated by two of the series greats, Sam Posey and Jim Hall. Plenty of footage shot at our very own Road America. Some things to watch for are the MG trackside billboards, Chris Amon’s helmet, which will be familiar to you if you’ve seen James Gardner in Gran Prix, and the lack of safety standards forty years ago.
-- Wilbur

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