Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline March 2009
Secrets of Jo Daviess County Tour
June 13 and 14, 2009

The fourth annual running of the Secrets of Jo Daviess County tour will occur the weekend of June 13 and 14, 2009.
For the early birds we’ll again have the Friday afternoon reception at our home overlooking Lake Carroll, followed by the popular fish fry at the Yellow Creek Inn. Saturday we launch from the Country Inn at Stockton with the first stop at the Massbach Ridge Winery for a quick stock-up. Proceed to lunch at the home of members Steve and Jan Selan at Galena Territory. On to Wisconsin for a tour of the newly restored Potosi Brewery. Then cross the mighty Mississippi on the ferry at Cassville (new scheme to make this practical this year) to our dinner and overnight in historic Guttenberg, Iowa on the Mississippi waterfront, lock and dam. The dinner restaurant is directly adjacent to the dam lock and if a towboat/barge goes through we have a front row seat to watch this skillful maneuver. Sunday we take a quick run up the Iowa side to cross at Prairie du Chein. Back in Wisconsin we’ll emphasize driving that includes several of the “Wisconsin Rustic Roads” segments that were a hit last year. Finally, we conclude the organized tour with the neo- traditional stop at Baumgartners Cheese Store in Monroe. It’s a full weekend with the usual large dose of driving on picturesque, un-crowded, winding, hilly roads.
Accommodations: For Friday night we have a block of 15 rooms at the Country Inn and Suites in Stockton. Non-smoking King and double Queen rooms are available at $100. (Hotel prices are up again this year.) Phone 815 947 6060. Ask for the MG Club block. If you are interested in a lower cost room at a nice hotel 20 miles east of Stockton we have a block of 10 rooms at the Baymont Inn Freeport under the tag of MG Club. All rooms are 2 full size bed type at a rate of $80.00. Phone 815 599 8510.
For Saturday night things are a little trickier. The primary hotel is a really interesting place in a restored button factory directly on the riverfront with pleasant, rustic rooms. We have a block of 15 rooms under the tag of MG Club. The rooms vary widely in type and cost. The range is from a King size in the lower level at $49 to a bi-level suite with kitchenette facing the riverfront at $159. There are selections in between of standard type rooms at $59 to $99 in ten dollar increments. Suite type rooms, some facing the river start at $109. Some of the suite rooms are bi-level with a sitting area and kitchenette on the base level and the bedroom(s) up a flight of stairs. Some have two bed areas if you’re of a mind to share with friends. It’s complicated and pricey, but an unusual and picturesque place. Call early and question the staff on configuration and


availability. It’s The Landing and the phone number is 563 252 1615. You can take a look at the place at There is an alternate hotel a couple miles up the road on a bluff overlooking the river. It’s an older, standard strip motel, truly a mom and pop operation. The rooms are plain and basic and I can assure you the place is clean. The major attraction here is that all the rooms are on a deck that faces an elevated panoramic view of the river basin. I would expect the sunrise to be spectacular. Rates are $44 to $57. It’s the Eagles View at phone 563 252 1653.
If you plan to attend please notify me by e-mail, or phone, 815 238 7356 so I can include you on my information update list and better plan hotels and restaurants.
We hope you can join us for an MG friendly weekend.
-- Dan and Nancy Herman
Tales of the Mongrel
“What is it about the name Castrol”

I was sitting in the proverbial “reading room” the other day leafing thru the various MG parts books and magazines and began to notice the word “Castrol” on all kinds of stuff.
I saw Castrol shirts, caps, logos, signage, fake antique cans – I mean all kinds of stuff! What is it about Castrol? I doubt very much if the Castrol division of BP pays for this advertising, so why is it there?
I think that one reason is that Castrol has somehow become intertwined in the British car culture or mentality. But why is that? How did that all get started? Certainly, there are other lubricant companies that deserve attention!
Castrol still has quite a cult following today. Many British car owners swear by the product and will only use it and they will pay a premium for it. Why is that?
It is that Castrol quality is unsurpassed? I think it has more to do with marketing over the years. Castrol has done a good job marketing its brand. Castrol commercials still promote its thermal protection properties. We know that Castrol is a good marketing company but it is a technology company? Does it have extensive research & development facilities and do extensive field testing of lubricants? Well, the answer is “no” to all of those things.
Castrol is primarily a marketing company that does not manufacture lubricants – at least in the US. I am sure that Castrol does have tech support and they do assemble data but they are not R&D based and for the most part do not make lubricant.
ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell are the big players in formulation, testing and development. These companies spend tens of millions of dollars every year in their R&D facilities, technical staff, automotive associations and councils and field testing of new technology and products. Think about that next time you visit your local Target or K-Mart! ExxonMobil and Chevron especially will offer the British car buyer top-tier technology at the best price. Some other lubricant facts:

  • A typical automotive engine oil is approx. 80% base oil and 20% additive chemistry.
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