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More of “Might As Well”
By Dave (Cowboy) Bralich

I have now completed the front suspension. Following the tradition of “since I have gone this far I Might As Well do this also,” I ended up dropping the entire front cross member instead of just pulling the wheel assemblies off and replacing the bushings and hub’s. (Remember, I am changing from spin off to bolt on wheels). I then sand blasted (thanks, Tom J.) and painted everything. I have rebuilt the king pins, brake calipers and replaced both rotor’s. Everything is now back on and looks good. The ‘67 is now back down on all four paws.

My next step was to install the engine and OD transmission. However, now the underside of the car looks great but the engine compartment looks like HECK.

  • So I M.A.W. pull the remaining parts from the engine compartment and clean and paint everything.
  • So I M.A.W. rebuild both the clutch and brake master cylinders
  • So I M.A.W. have the heater core cleaned and tested for leaks.
  • So I M.A.W. repaint the entire engine compartment.
With all of this I should still be on target for installation of the engine and OD transmission within the first week of March. I really want to have the car running and road tested for the first trip to Utica on April 8.

Tech (TEX) Session Coordinator
I would like to thank all of you who voted for me even thought I did not win. I am very pleased that there was such a large group of you who did vote. Even though I will not be serving as a chairperson this year, I will still be very involved within the club. One position that I wanted to start was a Technical Session Coordinator. I have presented the idea to the board and they have agreed to the new position. There are more of us now who want to understand how their cars work and how to do their own basic repairs. I have accepted the new position but am willing to let someone who is not currently actively involved within the club and would like to start developing the position. This position works well for me since I am very active in knowing more about our cars and how they run (or not run). I also will be working to set up tech sessions for the Abingdon Summer Party weekend.

The main workload is already completed. I have set up the three main tech sessions for the year 2000 (two remaining). They are:

April 9th - Spring Tune-up Party   9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Quality Tire (Goodyear)
6710 Route 83
Darien IL 60561

November 12th - Fall Tune-down Party
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