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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Club NAMGAR Affilliation Pending

At an all-staff board meeting on March 5th a possible club affilliation with the North American MGA Register was discussed and unanimously approved by the board. Barney Gaylord has volunteered to be the NAMGAR chapter contact for our club and was involved in some previous discussion with NAMGAR. Further contact was iniatiated, and it appears at this time that the Chapter requirements are acceptable to both CMGC and NAMGAR, and the affilliation arrangements are being pursued post haste.

One point still needing to be resolved is that we would now like to get an updated tally of the number of MGA owners and cars in our club. We have the cars that are noted in the last published club roster from December 1, 1998. We also have the cars mentioned with New Members in Driveline since August of 1999 (but not before). If you own an MGA that is not mentioned in these listings, please contact Barney Gaylord at (630) 505-0866, or e-mail information to

Barney Gaylord

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