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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Kansas City MG Car Club trip to the
All British Swap Meet and Autojumble

There were seven of us MG nuts that set out in two vehicles for a quick drive to the Chicago area swap meet the last weekend of February. Most of us expected to only look and not buy anything of significance. Pat McCraken however planned ahead and towed his empty car hauler trailer. It is a long drive from KC to Chicago, and it was made longer by frequent pit stops, food stops, and refueling stops. Pulling the trailer did not help the gas mileage, and the wind seemed to always be in our face. Eventually we arrived, checked into our motel, walked across the street to have a meal, and not much later it was lights out. As we get more mature we tend to party less and sleep more.

Activity at swap meet tables Bright and early Sunday we met in the hotel lobby to grab a quick cup of coffee and some high energy foods. We planned to be at the swap meet at 8:00 when the doors opened, and we were not more that a few minutes behind schedule when we got the cars parked and paid our admission fees. There were two large buildings on the county fairgrounds filled with MG parts both used and new. For the next three hours we browsed and haggled and visited with fellow MG addicts, and found a few treasures we just had to buy. I even managed to make a fast pass through the toy show being held in the building next door.

Car inspection outdoors at the swap meet We re-grouped at 11:00 and packed our purchases, and then tried once more to find a bargain project car to keep the trailer from bouncing on the homeward bound trip. But there were only a couple of cars for sale that were of interest, and our idea of their value differed from that of the owners. So we grabbed a fast food lunch and hit the trail for home by 12:15.

By now the breeze was near gale warning status, and of course we were headed right into it most of the way. Nine hours of bucking the wind, occasional rain, fuel and pit stops, and a calorie and carbohydrate filled buffet meal stop brought us home once again. Spending all that time cooped up in cars together gave us time to visit and get better acquainted, and I know I enjoyed it immensely.

And pulling the trailer was a great idea. If we had decided to leave it at home we would have certainly have found a car to buy. Having the empty trailer there was an almost certain guarantee that no car would be bought, and none of us have a need for one more project car in our lives. I decided not to list who bought what or at what price in this article, just in case a significant other might read it. Some things should remain on the need-to-know basis.

This swap meet is an annual event, so next year plan to join us. There are more bargains there than we can use, so come help us snap them up. And there is no rule that gals canít join in on the fun.

Story from the Kansas City MG Post - Kansas City MG Car Club - March 2004.
Photos by Barney Gaylord, Chicagoland MG Club.

©2004 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.