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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Autocross at Warrenville Cinema
April 24, 2005 - 9:00 am
Winfield Road between I-88 and Diehl Road

In case anyone was wondering why they should come autocross with us, other than just the fun of it, read on. On the way home from our last Christmas party, there was a State Trooper “safety stop” on the exit we took off the Ike. They had some cones set up to funnel cars around so they could stop people and/or just have a look at us. I managed to negotiate my way around the cones so well that they chose not to even slow us down, while the State Troopers did stop many other cars that both preceded us and came later. I can only credit my autocrossing experience with this club for my ability to impress the officers with my safe driving skills. The car control skills you learn autocrossing can not only save you from creating large amounts of bodywork against curbs and such, it can also save you time at major drinking holidays.

Blue MGB in the cones We’ll be at the Warrenville Cantera theatre parking lot, off of Winfield Road between I-88 and Diehl Road. We'll have a driver's meeting at 9:00 am and then get the cobwebs out of our cars and/or our steering arms. NO race tires, please; we don't want to wear out our welcome here. We'll retire to a local restaurant afterwards to "evaluate" our performances. Hope to see you there!

Entry fee for the Autocross is still $15 per driver. Seat belts and a safe car is required, subject to a brief tech inspection. Bring a safety helmet if you have one, or a few loaners may be available. Suggest a little extra air pressure in your tires before arrival.

Wade Keene - 708-798-1737

Photos and notes from the August '03 Warrenville Autocross at

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