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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Jobs Available:
Editor, Webmaster, and various backup and assistant positions

Wade Keene

We need someone to take over or assist in the duties of Webmaster and Driveline Editor. Barney initially took these jobs as a temporary position but has been doing both of these jobs for several years now. He’s ready for and deserves a break from the jobs. Contact a club officer or Barney to help out.


Please Help Us Fix A Problem
Before It Becomes a Crisis.

Since these are appointed or volunteer staff positions, and not elective office, I have been told on occasion that the only way to get assistance or a replacement is to do your own recruitung, and maybe also train your own replacement. So here comes another plea for help. These are nice work at home jobs, and a chance to do something to support your club. There is also the opportunity to learn something new (and possibly useful in other areas), with training and startup assistance to be provided.

Five years ago I volunteered to be “Assistant” to the Webmaster to help fix a few things on the club web site, which seemed to be the crisis situation of the moment. A few weeks later in another crisis situation I was asked to fill in temporarily as Editor, “just until a replacement could be found”. As things sometimes go, the prior Webmaster quietly disappeared from the scene and no one bothered to recruit an Editor. So “Bob’s your uncle”, here I am still doing two major jobs for the club, and now it seems that the amount of my time available may be diminishing rather dramatically in the near future. The object here is to effect a smooth transition so that publication of Driveline and the web site will not falter, and to do some planning for long term stability in the process.

The posts of Editor and Webmaster are both very important functions for the club, and there is the potential for crisis situations to pop up (again) if either of these positions should happen to be unexpectedly vacated. As such, we need as least two people for each of these positions in order to have a trained backup immediately available in case of any unexpected vacancy. The Editor and Webmaster could (possibly) be backups for each other if properly trained, or there could be at least two people on staff for each position. Additionally there are a variety of smaller tasks to allow any number of people to assist and distribute the work load. We could use some people to serve as roving reporter and/or photographer at various club events, and specialty web page editors to keep up with current events and regular web page updates.

Our web site is currently serving up more than 50,000 page views per month, so this is of some significance to our club position in the world at large. If you would like to help out with our publishing tasks, please contact:

Barney Gaylord - (630) 505-0866

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