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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column

Left Hand Drive
from your President

John Schroeder Another month has passed and we are that much closer to our club's driving season. I just finished the Missouri Endurance Rally March twentieth. My son and I finished third in the full rally again and once again we were surprised we did so well. Missouri must be our lucky rally. The car ran great. Before we left I was scrambling to get the fuel pump working and I must admit I was having doubts about being able to make the trip. I now have an electronic fuel pump that uses a circuit board instead of points. I also have a spare fuel pump in the trunk.

Our Spring Tune up party is just three weeks away on April 17. This is a great opportunity to get the cobwebs out of your car and get it ready for the summer. We will have access to four lifts, oil change equipment, and some of our members have specialty tools to check the transmission and differential. Bring your own oil and parts. After the work session is the best part! We retire to the Kerry Piper Pub for some good conversation and pub grub.

The next Sunday, April 24, is the season s first Autocross at Warrenville Cinemas. I won t be able to attend, but when the driving is over the group will head to a local restaurant to discuss the day s driving.

Six short days later, on April 30, is the Spring Tour. Wade is promising some great MG roads along the rivers south and west of Aurora. We will stop at Duffy s Tavern in Utica for some food, beverages, and conversation, before cruising more beautiful roads.

If you think you notice a common thread in the last three paragraphs, good for you. One of the great advantages of belonging to our club and attending our events is the opportunity to socialize with a lot of fine people. I have heard You meet the best people in an MG. and that is true. We all share a love for our LBC s and a desire to keep them on the road. The people who attend these events will do anything they can to help you with your car. And talk about knowledge, many of our members have taken cars from boxed parts or worse to a things of beauty. They have brought their own knowledge of the cars and learned much more from other members.

I have recently been accused of having an agenda. It s true, but my agenda is not secret or ill-willed. I belong to this club and agreed to run for office for two reasons. I like the people in our club. I also love to take my B out on the road for a spirited top down (or top up) cruise. What better way to enjoy a weekend than to feel the wind in my face followed by a great time at the local pub with really nice people? I realize most of us can t attend every event, but I wanted to make certain there were many opportunities during the summer for our members.

I hope you can find time to join us this summer. I assure you will enjoy the time you spend with club members.

See you on the road!

John Schroeder -

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