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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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from your Vice President

Wade Keene Glynis and Stewie saw a robin on Saturday the 19th of March so spring is in fact here. So the weather weíre having right now is only winter like, not actually winter. The hardtop is still on for just a little while longer (note the optimistic tone). It will definitely be off by the 24th of April, so I can fit my helmeted head in the car if nothing else. I would implore everyone to do a little dance, conjure a potion, say a prayer, maybe even perform a sacrifice to help some nice spring weather to get here. Thanks from sportscar lovers and small children all over the area for your efforts.

On to something different, I would encourage everyone to have a look at the inside front cover of your Driveline. If you are interested in hosting a tech session, contact the tech coordinator. If you have a question regarding your membership status, contact the Membership person. See the pattern? Though it has been tough to get volunteers, we do have people to handle most sets of duties in this club. Barney Gaylord, the Driveline editor, is finished with his portion of the Driveline duties once the disk goes to the printers. Letís say you have not received your driveline. At this time of year, there are still plenty of people that have not renewed their memberships yet and consequently have not had Drivelines mailed to them. The person to contact for either or both of these issues is not the Driveline editor. Barney does a lot for for us with his newsletter and website duties and does not need the extra work involved with forwarding messages to the appropriate people. Suppose you have a question about a driving event Ö doo doo doo, doo di doo doo dee Ö yes, talk to the driving events coordinator. We have these folks listed to streamline communication. Letís do that.

Safety Fast,

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