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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The 2007 Driving Events Schedule

In this issue of the Driveline you'll find the calendar with Driving Events for this season. We have tried to make it a well balanced variety of events, with some Weekend Tours, Rallies, Auto Crosses and, as Jim mentioned in the March issue of the Driveline, some Car Shows.
Since there are several events on the calendar that are not organized by our club, we have not always control of all the dates. However, as much as possible, we have built-up the calendar around three 'new' ideas.
First, every summer month has one 'premier club driving event', usually a Tour or a Rally, plus some 'other events' in the form of Auto Crosses, or Car Shows. Then, if possible, no events in back-to-back weekends, and no two similar events in a row. That means that there is usually a week between the dates on the calendar, and that a Rally is followed by a Car Show or a Tour but not by another Rally. And further, we tried to schedule most events away from the first weekend in a month. Therefore, even if the newsletter happens to be a little bit late, it will not get in your mailbox after the event is over.
As we said, not all the dates worked out this way, but we hope that you'll notice that this 'managed' approach still worked out in a wonderful selection of events. We offer such a great variety that we hope that you'll find the time to enjoy your MG out on the road this year in a way that suits you best, on the dates that fit in your personal schedule best, and in a driving style that is the most comfortable to you, your partner, and your MG.
Before we go into the details of the program I'd like to introduce you to the new Driving Events Coordinator, Seth Jones. If you did last years Fall Color Tour that Seth organized, you know how well he does things. Taking on the entire program for this year is not an easy task and justifies all of our support.
The season starts of with the Spring Tune-Up, your chance to get your car ready for the upcoming season.
Rallies kick-off in May when we're invited by David Lieb to enjoy The Rambling Road to Roscoe, a gimmick rally that Dave is organizing for our club together with the Miata club. June has Tom Josefek's Lands End Rally with the multi-club picnic at Curt Bork's afterwards. The Rally Series ends with the Donald Healey Rally in September that is run in conjunction with the British Car Festival. October isn't quite clear yet, Seth Jones is planning a new rally in and around Morris Illinois in October.
As you all know MG stands for Morris Garage, so what better way to spend an afternoon in Morris (Illinois) and see what the Garages in the area have to offer. Maybe Doug Clark will schedule another Halloween Rally. We'll see. To stimulate participation in the Rally Series, the club has decided that for this year only, there will be no registration fee. Just come out, sign up for the MG Bucks program and you're in. Simpler than that isn't really possible!
There will be 4 Auto Crosses this year. Because there is no real venue for this type of event, we picked 4 events from the Miata Club calendar. MG's will run in a dedicated class for our own championship points and pay the same as the Miata club members. Auto Crosses are traditionally just single day events, but this club puts on an Auto Cross extravaganza on June 30/July 1 at the test-track and premises of the Tire Rack (a major mail order tire supplier) in South Bend Indiana. You can do Saturday or Sunday or both days. The other Autocrosses are in May, August and September. The Auto Cross program is coordinated by David Lieb, our Miata Club Liaison.
Overnight Tours have been very popular the last few years and we're happy to announce that the regulars are back. Dan Herman's Jo-Daviess County and John and Ann Schroeder's Beer-Wine-Cheese Tour in the third weekend of September. Jake and Ann Snyder's Road America Camping Trip in June isn't a Tour, or a Rally, but a great time at the race track and around the camp fire are guaranteed. Back on the calendar this year is the University Summer Party in Grand Rapids . If you plan one major MG event, out of town, out of State, if not National than at least Regional, with MG's of all vintages, and the best MG Parking Lot Party, this is it! Mark your calendars.
And then of course, we have the quieter events, the Car Shows, No hassle, not too much driving, and a prime opportunity to relax, socialize with other MG owners and lots of other car enthusiasts. There are 4 large shows that will qualify for the MG Bucks program in May, July, August and October while the 5th, the British Car Fest in September needs no further introduction.
Well, what else can we say than "Hope to see you and your MG out on the Road" If you have any questions, suggestions, or great ideas, please get in touch with your Driving Event Coordinator Seth Jones, myself, Reinout Vogt, or with any of the club officers.

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