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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 19, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by Co-Chairman Jim Evans.
Present were 36 members and one guest – Don Brubaker of the Alfa Romeo Club.
Jim said other club newsletters and flyers were available at the front table.
This was the first meeting for “wearing MG shirts for MG bucks”. This is an “honor system” where a member may wear an MG event related shirt to a Club meeting – one shirt once a year. It cannot be a CMGC shirt or a generic MG shirt. It has to be from an MG event. It turned out eleven members wore such shirts. Jim asked Maynard and “Wilbur” to recap the events noted by their shirts, as they wore shirts from older (i.e., early to mid 1990s) events.
The following members had reports on their car projects:
Bob Schultz rebuilt the gearbox of his A in Barney’s garage (with Barney the leader)
Russ Mehaffey has an alternator conversion kit (from Moss Motors) for his A

PAST Events

The only event since the last meeting was the All British Swap Meet on 2/25/07. The snowy weather kept the paid turnout low – although only two vendors canceled.


Doug Clark At this time, Don Brubaker mentioned that his club would welcome members of CMGC to participate in their three track events this year – citing the great MG tradition and heyday of road & track racing. He left flyers at the front table for anyone interested – and said he would prefer to see MGs on the track instead of modern, more powerful cars. The dates and places of their events are 5/5-5/6, 7/2, & 10/6-10/7 at Autobahn, Blackhawk Farms, & Road America, respectively.
“Cowboy” said this Saturday (3/24) is the NSSCC track school and left flyers at the front table for those interested.
This year’s Spring Tune-Up Party will be 4/15/07 in Willowbrook (at a new location).
Reinout Vogt then provided us with an overview of this year’s driving events schedule, passing out calendars with the events indicated on them to everyone. He explained how the driving events coordinator, Seth Jones, and those at last Sunday’s planning meeting went about scheduling the events. It was felt that one main event a month would be held. In addition, there would be variety in the sequence of the events. Finally, most months will not have an event the first weekend, since some members might not receive the Driveline in time. Jim Evans said that he hopes for more participation this year, as we will track both event points and MG bucks.
In response to a question from Dean Swanson as to why the Abingdon Weekend isn’t on this year’s calendar, Reinout indicated it might be possible – but that it also might be possible that this event has run its course, given the low turnout the last couple of years.
David Lieb, who’s also a member of the Windy City Miata Club, said that club has invited the CMGC to its 5/5/07 rally. The first part will be a “gimmick” Palatine to Roscoe (Ill.) rally, with the second part a (digital) photo scavenger hunt rally. A visit to a car museum also might be possible if 30 rsvp in time.
He also said that the WCMC invites the CMGC to its 5/20/07 autocross at the College of Lake County, and stressed that the morning drivers’ meeting is MANDATORY. He said this is an all-day event, with three driving shifts twice and two track working shifts. Jim pointed out that the MGs would run in their own class. Another Club promoted event is the 5/27/07 Sandwich car show. MG bucks can be earned for MGs registered.
The Champagne British Car Festival is 5/25-5/27. Oscar Gonzales mentioned the 8/5/07 antique car show in Union, Ill. Jim said a lot of cars are at this show – with good variety. He also said they have very interesting trains.
“Cowboy” reminded us that this year’s British Car Union Festival is 9/9/07. He said that while Dean Swanson is the Club’s representative, he is still a part of the organization.


Jim said that the Club received an offer from NAMGAR to become an affiliated chapter – and that we will proceed with the requisite paperwork. So, much as we see the NAMBGR logo on the Driveline, for example, we’ll also see NAMGAR’s. He said such an affiliation should be good for the Club, and would give our marketing a boost.
No staff reports were given.
At 8:55 a break was called. Members socialized and 50/50 raffle tickets were sold.
We reconvened at 9:10 when the raffle winners were announced. They were:
-Oscar Gonzales – $12
-David L. Ransom, Jr. – Classic Motorsports Tee shirt, but, size large (could we have the “Baby Huey look” here?)
The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2007 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.