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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Right hand drive The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive
from our Vice-President

Spring! Spring? Where the heck is it? We keep waiting for it to show its beautiful face, but it stays hidden from us! I'm afraid we ainít ever going to get those little beauties out of the garage around here!

It sure is frustrating, as another salt truck rumbles down the street, but I suppose patience will be required for a little while longer, and it does give us a little more time to fix some of those niggeling little problems we found last October.

I have to mention this to all "B" owners out there - to be aware of NAMGBR - that is the place to register our car. I really feel it's important to have your numbers OFFICIALLY put down in a database and North American MGB Register is the place to do it! Plus, they have a very nice quarterly magazine, with John Twist providing tips and problem solving. Our club is affiliated with NAMGBR and I know we have our quota for membership, but if we are missing anyone, I just want them to know about it.

Well, the old "Oil Controversy" keeps coming up and at the last Natter & Noggin, at Mullen's Bar & Grille, one of the guys said there is a great oil with "ZZDP" is available at any Farm & Fleet store, reasonably priced, and always available. Pretty important if you are rebuilding your engine and maybe even if you aren't. It all stemmed from the EPA and manufacturers trying to get more life out of catalytic converters on your minivans, and of course, all the anti-polluters wanting to junk any vehicle over 10 years old. ...... That's enough of this rant for awhile, so remember,
    Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!
- Dean Swanson

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