Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline April 2009

MG’s in Breckenridge
MG 2009
June 24-28, 2009

We are going west this year to the NAMGBR convention! MG 2009 is in Breckenridge, CO. The convention dates are June 24 – 28. It is time to start planning your trip. Four couples have booked their hotels all ready. Our tentative departure date is June 21 and return around July 1. We will be caravanning again this year and we would like to have you join us.
The event web site is The registration form is there to download. You do not have to be NAMGBR members to participate so all MG’s are welcome. Early registration ends on April 15th. You can register after that but at an additional charge.

See you on the road!
John and Ann Schroeder   630 244-4930

PS. All the MG registers have an annual meet. Check out various register web sights for additional information.

One Last Item

There is one other item that came in kind of late. It is something that is many months away but it is so important and it takes so much preparation and time that I wanted to be sure that you have plenty of advance notice.
It is the 23rd Annual British Car Union; September 13th returning to Oakton College. This is a party for the British cars and their humans!
There is plenty more information available at the BCU website,

If you have any questions feel free to contact CMGC member Jack Feldman at

July 3, 2008, A Day That Will Live in Infamy (at least for me)

If you read my MG2008 report in the October issue of the Driveline, you are familiar with my tale of woe. On our way home after the convention, we spun the number one connecting rod bearing on our B in Northeastern Ohio. We had traveled nearly 50,000 miles since the 2004 rebuild and the car was running fine.
The culprit was the steel braid covered hose that connects the block to the oil pressure gauge. It split, spraying all the oil on top of the starter. It shouldn’t have happened. I didn’t know the maintenance history of the car, but knew there had been a time when it had not been thoroughly maintained. I had replaced every piece of rubber on the car including under the hood and suspension. Except for that flexible oil line. I am convinced now that the line was 40+ years old and most likely original to the car.
The later MGBs had a connector between the hose and gauge that fitted an anti run on switch that worked from the oil pressure. That piece is no longer available, but I am looking for a substitute. I could then add an audible buzzer to alert me to failing oil pressure.
I would suggest you check all the rubber hoses on your car before you take it out this spring. The hose that split sells for around $25. The stainless braid on my old one was very dark from tarnish. I checked with Moss on this and they do not have a recommendation on how often to change the hose or life expectancy. I will not wait another 40 years to replace this hose. When you replace rubber brake or clutch lines, consider changing the pressure line. I know I will.
-- John Schroeder

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