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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by Tom Josefek, Diana Gonzales, Steve Selan and Sharon Anderson. New members in attendance were Chris Stanton and Steve McKay.

Tech Session: Larry Daniels conducted a technical seminar at his home last weekend wherein he replaced a clutch in his MG Midget. Seven members were present and they spent a total of seven hours doing the work. Apparently, it was successful, since the vehicle is now drivable.
Utica Driving School: Reinout Vogt announced that the driving school had been rescheduled to April 29, 2000 due to inclement weather on the original scheduled date. The driving school fee will be $10.00. Reinout gave awards to Jake and Ann Snyder and Bill Crompton for showing up on the original scheduled date even though it was snowing.
Spring Tune-up Party: Dave Bralich advised that over 30 cars showed up for the spring tune-up party on April 9, 2000 at Quality Goodyear. It was the most successful spring tune-up event run to date. While the general condition of the cars worked on was quite good, several hidden defects were found in certain of the vehicles which the owners were made aware of.
Tech Session: Curt Bork advised the membership that on April 15, 2000, 15 members were present from both our club and the Rockford Boots and Bonnets Club where he presented a technical session on body restoration and repair. Those in attendance learned how to do welding on an MGB.

Dues: Club secretary, Steve Selan, announced that club membership dues for the year 2000 are now due. The dues are $20.00, and if they are not received by May 15, 2000, unpaid members will be dropped from the roster. If you have any questions as to whether or not you are paid up, feel free to contact him either over the phone or via E-mail.
Spring Rally: Curt Bork announced that the spring rally is scheduled for May 7, 2000 and is set to kick off at 11:00 a.m. at the Clark Station near Route 47 & 64 in Lily Lake. This will be a low-key event with a $10.00 entrance fee. Club president, Tom Josefek, suggested that everyone who is interested in attending try to bring with at least one friend so we can double our attendance.
Driveline: It has been decided by the Board of Directors that the job of driveline editor will now be broken up into a three person production team. There will be a general editor whose job it will be to accumulate and edit articles, a layout editor who will do the actual formatting of the newsletter, and a production editor who will be in charge of printing, assembling and mailing the driveline. We are looking for more than one person to fill each position so that no individual is overburdened with the responsibilities. Currently, Kelvin Palmer has agreed to act as general editor for one month, Barney Gaylord will act as layout editor, and Oscar Gonzales will act as production editor. Again, we need volunteers to work on the production team to assist and substitute for the above mentioned people. If no one volunteers, then publication of the “Driveline” will be in serious jeopardy. Please contact any club officer or Kelvin or Oscar if you wish to volunteer.
Abingdon 2000 Summer Party: Dave Bralich announced that the Abingdon committee went to Abingdon, Illinois over the last weekend to coordinate and lay out the event. They met with the Chamber of Commerce and mayor from Abingdon. The city is 100% behind us and will shut down their central area so we can put on our car show on Saturday. Hotel rooms at Jumers are already 50% booked and additional hotels are being reserved. If you intend to attend the event, it is best that you book your hotel accommodations today. We need volunteers to work the registration and car show. Please contact Dave Bralich if you would like to help.
Need for Speed: Jim Evans announced that there will be a go-kart run on May 9, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. immediately before the club meeting. It will take place at Jus Fun Amusement Park located at Route 83 just north of Roosevelt Road. This will be a low-key adult event, and everyone is encouraged to attend before the next natter & noggin.

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