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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Steering Column

        The year 2000 has started off with many changes within our club. We have expanded our staff to insure our membership that everything will be running smooth as the year progresses. Upon our accepting the Twist gauntlet, our schedule for the year has changed. The Abingdon weekend was moved to the August time slot. Landís End Rallye has taken the fall time slot and is now a three-day family event. The June Landís End Rallye slot will be replaced with something new.
        Many new names appear on our club personnel. Mike Olson is our new rallye master, Terry Gaskin the new librarian, Barney Gaylord for our web site, and Larry Daniels for regalia. The position of technical coordinator has been added to our roster. Dave Bralich will be the person to contact for all things pertaining to tech sessions.
        Our newsletter is the process of evolution. It will be produced by a team to reduce the burden on one person. It will also be on our ever expanding and improving web site the day it goes to the printer. With our membership approaching the 400 mark, there is lot of talent available to draw from. It is a lot easier for many people to contribute in a small way than a few people to do everything. Become involved in your club.

Tom Josefek

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