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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Dave Bralich called the meeting to order at 8:02pm. Also present were Ray Glorioso, Debra Mennell and Dave Mullis. There were 37 members present and 4 new members or guests.
    Brian Dubin
    Bruce Bodven, 71 MGB
    Dave & Susan Ransom, 75 MG & 69 Healy

Announcement - Ray Bonze died last week, several attended services members of the club. Dave Bralich read the obituary and a note of thanks from Pauline who has our deepest sympathies. Ray will be greatly missed.


Tech Sessions - The Lucas demon “Nit” has been active causing Bob Krueger to hold an impromptu tech session when the electric failed on his car last week. He is currently restoring the interior of this 72 GT; headrests, seat covers, carpets and door panels.
    On March 31 Terry Gaskin converted his car from a Zenith carb to dual SUs and replaced the motor mounts. He said that the change over was great for the car. It is much peppier/faster and is running less rich.

Dues - Dues were due at the end of March. The Driveline roster has been scrubbed to reflect paid members. If you hear anyone complaining that they did not receive their Driveline this week please have them contact Debra Mennell (secretary) or Dave Mullis (treasurer) to see if their account is paid in full for 2001.

Missouri Endurance Rally - This event was attended by 3 Chicagoland cars/drivers with only 1 DNF - not Mr. Bill this time! There were 40 state parks and historic locations put into a hat and 10 sites were drawn for each car by lottery. Reports given at the meeting say this was a beautiful, fun drive with great roads.

Regalia - Larry Daniels will be placing an order for name badges as soon as he get 10 requests. These are $5.00 each, please contact Larry with your order needs.
    Larry has also received an official Abingdon, England brick and certificate donated to our club by Bob Simmon. Thank you Bob!

Librarian - The third book published by B.S. Levy has been donated to our club library by Steve Selan allowing us to complete our set of his works. You can borrow a copy of “Potside Companion” by contacting our librarian.

Tools - Jim Evans has received an exhaust analyzer from Jack Feldman. Jim will be checking the equipment out for usage and adding it to the club tool collection.


Spring Tune Up Party - The tune up party is this coming Sunday. There will be 4/5 bays and lifts available for usage by club members. You will need to bring your our oil and filters but the club will supply grease and brake fluid.

LaFox Swap Meet & Tech Session - This event will be held on Sunday, April 28 at 112 Melrose Avenue in South Elgin. There will be many MGs and Triumphs there and lunch will be served.

Spring Chicken Rally - Will be May 6, beginning in the Menard’s parking lot on Rt. 53 just south of I-55. The registration will be 10:30am with an 11:30 start terminating at the White Fence Farm in Joliet for dinner.

Champagne British Car Fest - This year’s theme is “2001 Space Odyssey”. The event will be over the memorial weekend, as usual. There will be a pub-crawl with participants riding on a double decker British bus, a picnic and dawn car tour plus the car show on Sunday featuring Midgets. Several club members will be attending so please join us - it’s a great weekend.

Land’s End Rally - Tom Josefek has planned out this years rally with a slight difference - we will be leaving South Beloit from the Welcome station on I90 (just over the state border) at 10:00am. There will be picnic lunch served along the way as usual. Rally fee is $40.00 per person, which includes dinner at Don Q’s hotel. Reservations must be made separately - call 1 800 666 7848.

Abindgon Summer Party - Flyers have been printed and are in the mail. The Endurance Trials are being coordinated by Dave Mullis and Mike Olsen has agreed to work the Gymkhana with Barney this year. There will be a ‘natter & noggin style parking lot ice breaker on Friday night along with other great events, the car show and dinner under the tent again. Please sign up as soon as possible.

Misc. - Dave Bralich may be doing some clutch work on his racecar soon. He will announce the event later.
    There is a new Sprite magazine on the market.
    George Goepner left a flyer from Classic Motor Books of Wisconsin on the table for members. They are having a terrific sale at this time with some great pricing on books.
    Steve has copies of a hand out of 5-speed conversion work and Barney announced the there is some new information on a vendor site the does 5-speed conversion work that has been added to our club web page.
    May 19 - 27 is “Drive your British Car Week” so get those cars out of the mothballs and get those engines turning over.

Debora Mennell Raffle - The 50/50 raffle was won by our president - David Bralich.

The meeting was concluded at 8:42pm. Tonight’s program was given by Mike Cork of the Tire Connection at Finley & Rt. 38 in Lombard. He can be contacted at 630-620-7616 for further information.

Respectufully submitted,
Deb Mennell

©2001 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.