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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
By Dave Mullis

Dave Mullis I think it is time I started to write a column for the Driveline. Letís start with me. I joined the club in 1991 and have been active since. My daughter and I placed 2nd in the club driving awards several years ago, then she found boys. I have even run a rally with my dog as the co-driver, ask Kim he might still have the photo. I have served as the club secretary and have now assumed duties as the treasurer. I drive a white 72 B roadster. I have not been able to do as many of the activites the last couple of years as I would like, but I do particatate when I am able. I am open to questions or comments and may be contacted at or the phone number in the inside of the front cover.

I intend to use this column to provide information on the club finances. What happens to the dues you pay. What are the expenses of the club. I will not be trying to detail every dollar the club has, but provide general information. So I will provide my view of the club as the one who holds the checkbook.

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