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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Abingdon Summer Party Update

Reinout Vogtr The 2002 Abingdon Summer Party is getting well underway. Collaboration with the North American MMM Register is all in place. Mr. Peter Thornley, the son of John Thornley who was the General Manager of the MG Car company in England from 1952-1969 will be our banquet key note speaker and Mr. John Twist will again be the Guest of Honor. We have mailed out over 1200 brochures with registration forms and in this newsletter you will find a copy as well. If you now have two copies, please make sure that you fill out one for your self, and give the other to a MG friend at work or in the neighborhood. (If you have just one, fill it out and ask for your second copy to hand out). Several events during the weekend will need some volunteers, so you may consider helping with the car show, or during the gymkhana.

Let me also take a moment to introduce you the team members, the guys behind the organization of the 2002 Abingdon Summer Party. Jim Evans works with the hotel and is the original Abingdon weekend organizer (it must be about 20 years now!) Steve Selan will host the Car Show and Sterling Award. Larry Daniels prepares regalia and has a beautiful Woolrich embroidered Safari Shirt. David Lieb is laying out the route for the Abingdon Trials Double Twelve. Mike Olson is returning to present you another Famous Abingdon Gymkhana. Ralph Arata communicates with other MG clubs and made the brochure. Dave Mullis sends your confirmation when you register. Barney Gaylord keeps the web site updated, and Reinout Vogt already secured ‘Old Speckled Hen’ for the Natter & Noggin.

And finally, just for the record, and to make things absolutely correct Abingdon is pronounced Abingdon (with a D). The people in Abingdon them selves pronounce it that way, the people in the MG factory in England, pronounced it that way, and actually it is written with a D, so why would we even think about saying Abington?

Have Fun, MGreetings, and see you in Abingdon. - Reinout

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