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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column

Left Hand Drive
from your President

John Schroeder Hello everyone,

It was with great sorrow I learned of the passing of Ray Glorioso. Ray was a former club co-chairman, contributor to the Abingdon weekend, and supporter of club activities. His insights, knowledge, and personality will be greatly missed.

By the time you read this, the first three events of the 2005 driving season are behind us. So far I have had to enjoy these events vicariously. The B is still in the garage. Wade and I have finished the sheet metal on the drivers side and it is ready for priming, sealing, and undercoating. The passenger side is cut out and new metal is welded in. I just ran out of time to get it all put back together and ready to go. The recent warm weather has made this emergency repair much more difficult for me.

The Spring Tune-up was well attended. I arrived around 10:30 to find 20+ MG s there to be made ready for the driving season. After the service time, we retired to the Kerry Piper Pub for lunch and libations. It was a very successful day.

The first Autocross of the season has been held and the results are posted elsewhere in this issue. I am certain everyone enjoyed themselves as it was a beautiful sunny day (just a little cool.).

The Spring Tour was Saturday, April 30. Although I am writing this before the tour, I am sure it was a really fun event. We left from the Evangelical Lutheran Church parking lot near I 88 and Orchard road west of Aurora (see Driveline and website for directions). Wade found some great roads for our driving pleasure. I drove my neighbor s TR 8 as my B was not quite ready. Sorry! I just couldn t stand to miss another day driving.

My new target date for completion is May 15, for the Spring Chicken Rally. The B, Ann and I should definitely make that one. I am really looking forward to driving my B again.

I just read The Works MGs from our club library. MG s won races and rallys against far faster cars because they were so reliable. The MG team won the eighty-four hour Nurburgring endurance race in 1966 because of shrewd tactics and a car that was built to handle the punishment. As I have been rebuilding the body on my car, I am constantly amazed at how well made these cars are. My MGB is thirty-eight years old now and most of the structure is still sound. The factory did no undercoating or rust proofing to help the car survive the snow and ice of Midwestern winters. Few other car manufactures in the 60 s produced cars that lasted as well.

The point is these cars are pretty much bulletproof when properly cared for. Unfortunately, many of us have not had the luxury of caring for a car since it was new and have to deal with the failings of previous owners. When finished, I expect my car to last for at least another thirty-eight years and many thousands of miles.

Hope to see all of you on the road soon!!.

John Schroeder -

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