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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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Jim Evans
Jim Evans'
Left Hand Drive

You may have heard that 2007 is the 75th anniversary of the “deuce”, Henry Ford’s first introduction in 1932 of a V8 engine in a low priced car, and you may have seen some of the publicity surrounding the anniversary of this milestone in automotive history. The “deuce” has already been featured this spring in specialty races, television shows and many published pieces. Some observers credit this car with starting the hobby car phenomenon that has lead to many branches over the years, including that of allegiance to our quirky, somewhat impractical British sports cars.
There doesn’t seem to be any particular anniversary on the calendar this year for MG owners, but it’s interesting to note that the MGA was introduced over 50 years ago and the MGB almost 45 years ago. You may remember some elderly neighbor still driving his “deuce” when you were young: didn’t those cars look old fashioned then when compared to Detroit’s newest models? Can’t say the same thing about MG’s, though; there seems to be timelessness to the styling. Maybe that’s one reason why people still like them.
This year looks to be a good year for hobby car fun, whether you’re driving a “deuce” or an MG. You will probably see a lot of local emphasis on cruise nights and car shows wherever you live. These are all fun to attend as either a spectator or participant, especially when you get a close up look at the same type of car that your uncle/ grandfather/ neighbor owned 30/40/50 years ago. And wait ‘til the admiring crowd collects around your MG: you will be very flattered at their attention, but you will probably have to put up with the Lucas/warm beer/refrigerator joke at least once per show.
Our driving program kicks off this month with the May 5 “Rambling Road” rally and the May 26 Autocross with the Miata club (details on both elsewhere in this newsletter). These are both point scoring events for our annual trophy competitions and attendance at both will earn you “MG Bucks”. Also, his month features your first opportunity to attend a car show on May 27 for “MG Bucks”, the AACA Show in Sandwich, IL.
And one more thing, just to remind you how smart Henry Ford really was when it came to cars: the Ford family is widely believed to have owned both the first and the last MG’s imported into this country. Who knows, maybe a little of that Abingdon magic even worked its way into the “deuce” way back then.

Safety Fast!   Jim Evans

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