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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Right hand drive The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive
from our Vice-President

Dean Swanson

Spring, Spring, Spring! and...I'm in love! That winter really got me down, but now that spring is here, I am in love again.† It wasn't as if I forgot about her -†rather itís just that male "enh", let her wait attitude, I'll take care of her later.† Well, after I finally replaced that wheel bearing, Wow!!!!† She fired right up for me (not having given†her any affection since last October), she purred like a sexy kitten, and that low throaty growl, set my heart aflutter.† It was like a new beginning, true love...and what a beauty sitting in the sunlight, outside the garage, and then the first drive of the year!!!† Need I say more?† Even my wonderful wife approved - "Well, I see you got your mistress out of the garage, now clean it out"† (the garage, that is), Oh, well...

I hope everyone who was at the tune up party, enjoyed themselves.† This is one club function no one should miss.† Itís a chance to get together and talk MG's, or cars.† Just come, you don't even have to do anything to your MG. Unlike a club meeting where we're all inside, here, we're all outside with our cars, and an opportunity to really get down to nuts & bolts with the guys.

You have to admit it is fun to compare your machine with someone else's and see where you were right, doing what you did, compared with "Joe's" and, boy, did he screw that up!!!† Itís all in fun and great information to exchange with one another.† Plus, itís a great way to learn something you didn't know!† Great club event and Mark Leuck does balance wire wheels, so a good source for tires, etc.

Well, oil hit $120 per barrel this week.† I don't know how this will affect our driving season, but 10 gallons of regular in our cars is going to cost $40 !!! Hard to afford a lot driving around.† However, if you can only do one thing this year, REMEMBER British Car Union, (of which we are members) Festival, September 7.† Just a little bit south at Moraine Valley Community College, 111th Street, nice suburban area and easy to get to wherever you live.† Mark it down now.

† Oh, one other thing just to illustrate how "classy" our little cars are, the other night, driving to our meeting, I was on 31st† Street in Oakbrook, when this Aston-Martin Vantage pulls up next to me.† He looks over, gave me the OK sign and a big wave!† He might have wanted to drag me, but I let him know......
- Dean Swanson

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