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the devoted TSD driver/navigator team who uses sophisticated electronic equipment such as special odometers that read to the nearest hundredth of a mile and electronic computers which automatically calculate speed and provide a continuous indication if you are ahead, behind, or on time. Those who organize a rally of this type are encouraged to design it with the former of the two categories in mind, given the make up of the membership of the CMGC and the accessibility to beginners vs. the more serious ones.
Rallies shall include two classes, Novice and Experienced class (open class). Novice class is for drivers or navigators who have previously competed in up to 3 rallies as members of CMGC. Experienced class is for drivers or navigators who have previously competed in 3 or more rallies as members of CMGC. Some recognition shall be given by the event organizer to the first second and third place in each class, however only overall standing for the event will be considered for the awarding of season points. A single Novice class car will not be forcibly bumped into the Experienced class. However, Novice participants may voluntarily opt to compete in the open class.
A tour is a non-competitive driving event that takes place on a specified route determined by the Tour Organizer within posted speed limits. The idea is to enjoy scenery, good roads, good food, the company of good friends, and our cars.
Post-event Processing
Driving Event Organizers are expected to write a short report on the event after its completion and submit it to the Driveline Editor prior to the publication of the next newsletter and submit a copy to the Driving Events Coordinator for notification only. Any Event Host should also encourage one of the event participants to write an article for publication.
Driving Event Organizers are to submit the completed liability waiver forms, registration and MG Bucks participation form, and any scoring information from the event to the Driving Events Coordinator ASAP following the completion of the event. The Driving Events Coordinator will forward information to other staff members as necessary.
Season Points
All driving events sanctioned and/or organized by the CMGC shall count for driving season points. …. In all autocrosses and rallies the season points for Drivers and Navigators are calculated as follows:
  First:  8
  Third:  6
All other participants (Drivers and Navigators) in any CMGC sanctioned driving event will receive 5 points.
1 Bonus point is awarded for participating in at least 1 tour AND 1 rally.
2 Bonus points are awarded for participating in at least 2 tours AND 2 rallies.
For their effort, 2nd place rally/autocross season points (7 points) will be awarded to those who organize any driving event (rally, autocross, or tour) regardless of what they are driving that day.
For volunteering to assist a rally master by doing a pre-run of a rally, 5 points towards the annual trophy will be awarded for


each rally a club member did a trial run of regardless of what make or model of vehicle they are occupying during the trial runs.
Only the top 6 scores out of this year’s events, (plus any and all bonus points) earned by each participant will count toward the annual trophies.
Season points of the top ten places will be tallied and posted on a leader board in every issue of Driveline, and a complete leader board shall be posted on the driving events page of the website to be updated on a monthly basis.
Driving Season Annual Awards
Every year traveling trophies shall be awarded to the individuals who have collected the highest points for the season in two categories: “Driver” (a club member at the wheel of the participating MG during the event), and “Navigator” (a club member or a club member’s family member in the passenger seat of the participating MG during the event). Any member who has earned the trophy on points shall not be denied the trophy for any reason. The Drivers trophy shall be known as The Moss Motors Cup, and the Navigators trophy shall be known as The Victoria British Cup. Other annual driving event trophies may also be awarded.
MG Bucks
All driving events sanctioned and/or organized by the CMGC currently count for MG Bucks (as well as some other selected events). MG Bucks will be recorded for CMGC members (and CMGC members’ family members) for each event and will be tallied and awarded after end of the driving season as follows:
Autocross: 1 MG Buck for each registered driver in an MG, and 1 for the event organizer.
Rally: 1 MG Buck per person in an MG (Driver and Navigator only), and 1 for the event organizer.
Tour: 1 MG Buck per person in an MG, (Driver and Navigator only), and 1 for the event organizer.
MG Bucks may be awarded for some selected things in addition to driving events. MG Bucks certificates are to be delivered to CMGC members after end of driving season and before end of calendar year. MG Bucks may be used as part of CMGC membership renewal fee or to purchase CMGC Regalia items within one year of delivery to CMGC members.
There are specific guidelines and responsibilities stated on the club website that ALL event organizers should become familiar with PRIOR to hosting their event.

These rules have been compiled, created and edited by Seth Jones, Driving Events Coordinator. Seth has spent many hours of time consulting with other driving clubs, viewed websites and researched through club newsletters to create a fair and equable driving program for all members. This program has been reviewed and approved by the club board. Since this is a new style of program this year, it will be evaluated and modified as required at the end of the season. - Bill Reece, Editor

If you have any questions of the rules, or on
organizing an event, please fell free to contact
Seth Jones -

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