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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Your News Team - 2000

Welcome to the world of cooperative newsletter publishing. We now have a new news team who is proud to have brought you this latest issue of Driveline.

At the leading edge of producing is (for the time being) Kelvin Palmer, who is doing the digging and arm twisting to gather the content of the news into one place in time to meet the production deadline. Next in line at the keyboard for editing and composition is your newly drafted talent Barney Gaylord, who is now responsible for turning the incoming data into a master hard copy ready for printing. The third member of your news team is Oscar Gonzales, who has accepted the responsibility of printing and distibution, or taking the project from the master copy all the way into the hands of the recipients.

Each of these three team members is free to draft other hard working souls into support service as required to get the job at hand completed on schedule. No longer will the production of your newsletter be fully the task of just one (overburdened) person. We are certain (or at least very optimistic) that this new cooperative team arrangement will be fully effective in bringing you your copy of Driveline each month on a timely basis

Your faithful news team,

Kelvin Palmer - Barney Gaylord - Oscar Gonzales

©2000 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.