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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Club Website Update

Considerable progress has been made with updating the club website in the last few months. Perhaps the most significant achievement is that current events are being kept current by way of daily updates to the web site, so you can now get the latest scoop on everything the club does be on an up to the minute basis. The on-line calendar of events has a fresh and colorful look, with nearly every event having a hyperlink to a web page with additional information about that event. For future events the connection tells you what's coming up. For past events the connection can get you to an event report, often with pictures.

The newest web site revisions began in March with the repair of some broken links, followed by the addition of a web page for the CMGC Annual Swap Meet and Autojumble. Then the Home page got a bit of a facelift, followed by the addition of an entire section on the Abingdon 2000 Summer Party. This was quickly followed by new pages for driving events, event results, regalia on line, tech sessions, and photo reports of garage tech sessions. More recent additions have been pages for the club tool lending program, cruise nights and car shows. The next addition should be a new page for the club social events, including the summer yard party, camping trip to Road America, Christmas party, annual business meeting, the now traditional mid winter Amtrak road trip, and the newly scheduled Progressive Dinner in October.

Another function of the club web site is to carry the on-line copy of the club newsletter, Driveline. This has been brought current again after a hiatus of a few months in the winter. With the advent of the current team effort for publishing the newsletter (see Driveline report elsewhere in this issue), much of the publishing activity is happening on-line, which allows easier access to shared data. As a result, the on-line version of Driveline can now be up and viewable immediately after the hard copy editing is finished. In fact the May issue was actually on-line before the hard copy even got out of the print shop, and most likely this issue will be the same.

There are some significant differences between the printed copy of Driveline and the web version. One difference is that the web version has very nice COLOR pictures where the printed copy is black and white. Also many of the pictures in the on-line copy have links to LARGER pictures for your added viewing enjoyment. And since the web site does not have the same space limitations as the printed newsletter, there are sometimes MORE pictures included with the articles on line. You may also find hyperlinks to additional information and even more pictures, especially after garage tech sessions, driving and social events, car shows, etc. And if you find this (small) print a little hard to read, the on-line version allows you to have almost any size print you like with your web browser.

And of course "on line" also means "interactive". Want to become a club member? There's an on line membership application. Like the regalia you see in the centerfold of Driveline? There's an on line order form for regalia. Want to get in touch with your friends? All of the club officers and many other members now have their e-mail addresses posted on the club web site. Need an update on last minute event changes? Check the web site. Have an interest in MG related books and videos? Check out the complete listing of the club lending library on line. Want to connect with other MG friends and affiliates around the world, check out the Links pages. Small world ain't it? Ever wonder where all these cars came from? Check the History pages. Need help with a car problem? Check out the hundreds of pages of on line tech tips. And if you think all this is still not enough, feel free to make suggestions for web site enhancement or even to add some pages of your own. For club web site questions or comments, feel free to contact me by phone, or by e-mail of course.

Yours very truly,
Barney Gaylord

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