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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
A Message From
Your (New) Librarian

CMGC Library to Look Different

Howard Turk At our April 2002 meeting, I brought along 2 books which I “borrowed” in JANUARY!!!! Egad..... I tried returning them at the February and March meetings, but the Librarian wasn’t there. That was OK, because both or them were pretty informative, and it seemed every time I picked one up, I learned something new anyway. Be that as it may, at the April meeting I did return them, and at that time Terry Gaskin mentioned to me that it will probably be the last time he will be the Librarian. He has work constraints which will make it difficult to continue. I mentioned to him that I would be interested in taking on the job. I mean, how difficult could it be? I found that out after the meeting, when I picked up the 2 bags which contained “our” library! The Doctors tell me I can get out of traction next week! (Just kidding!) There’s the problem...... Darn library weighs about 100 lb.!! First time I picked up the big bag, the strap pulled out of the body!! By the name is Howard Turk, and I am the new “Librarian”.

The first thing that is going to happen, is that all the books and videos that I bring will be laid out in the open, so choosing to borrow one won’t be difficult. At the May meeting I will be bringing our whole library for your examination. Each book and video tape will have an index card attached, or with it, that needs to be filled out by the member that is borrowing it. No more digging for the card in an index box. Also, I will be publishing a new updated “inventory” of what we have available. Hopefully this will be available at the meeting and then published on our web site. The last published list was in 1999, so it is time!

In looking over the “activity” of our library, there appears to be many books that have NEVER been signed out.....if there is no interest, why should I bring them? So, during the May and June meetings all the library will be brought to the meeting, but after that, those that have not been taken out for the past 3 years will be supplied at request. At least I’ll lighten the load! I will be looking to add “new” titles at all times, and any suggestions will be taken!

One last note..... if you have any of our library at home that you may have “forgotten” about, PLEASE return it (or them) as soon as possible, so other members can take advantage of them! Hope to see you in June.........

Howard Turk - - (847) 279-0235

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