Chicagoland MG Club: Regalia
CMGC Regalia
You may purchase regalia items at any club meeting, or by sending in the order form below.
These items may be purchased by anyone - club membership not required.
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  NEW - Wide-Bottom Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Club Name and Octagon in BRG and in a velvet bag. - - - $15.00  
  NEW - Blue Denim long-sleeve shirt with 3-color Club Logo embroidered over chest pocket. Private brand of leading embroidery house. Sizes XS-S-M-L-XL   $25.00  
  NEW - Blue Denim long-sleeve shirt with 3-color Club Logo embroidered (same as above) Size XXL   $27.00  
  NEW - Pocket T-shirt. Jerzees brand. Forest green with 3-color embroidered logo-red, tan, green. Too sharp! M-XXL   $15.00  
  NEW - Baseball Cap, with FLEXFITr flexible one size interior headband. Faded navy with copper, cream and navy club logo. Leading American embroidery house. One size fits all. - - - $15.00  
  Beige golf shirt with four color club logo (chocolate brown, cream, black and red). Exceptional private brand from leading American embroidery house. Sizes SM-M-L-XL-XXL   $24.00  
  Baseball Cap, 5 color club logo embroidered on faded blue with tan suede bill, one size. - - - $12.00  
  Baseball Cap, carmel & cream club logo embroidered on faded fatigue green cap with tan suede bill, one size. - - - $12.00  
  Ivy League Cap, Khaki snap brim. Club embroidery on top in navy blue, white, black and green. Lined. Very proper for you English blokes. Sizes M-L   $17.00  
  Deep blue fender cover, Heavy vinyl over foam 35x25 with club Silver Anniversary Logo in metalic silver paint. For this bulky item add $2.00 for each fender cover to cover shipping charges. - - - $20.00  
  Club name tags, plastic with pin-back. May have 2 lines of type, i.e., "Jim Smith, '79 MGB". Print how you would like badge to read and attach to order. Ordered when 10 names accumulate. Delivery may be several weeks. - - - $5.00  
  Shipping charges are per order amount): $0.00-$5.00 = $1.65   $5.01-$20.00 = $4.00   $20.01-$50.00 = $6.00   $50.01 & above = $7.50   Add $2.00 for each fender cover. - - -    
Please make check or money order payable to Chicagoland MG Club and
mail to: MG Club Regalia, Larry Daniels, 1575 Friars Ct., Wheaton, Illinois 60187
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