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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Carburetor Rebuild

May 3, 2003 - Downers Grove, IL

Zenith-Stromberg carburetor For the first really nice working day of the season we had about eight people to share the experience of rebuilding the Zenith-Stromberg carburetor on Bob Simonís 1975 MGB. This included R&R of the carburetor from the car and complete tear down and reconstruction of the carburetor with new throttle shaft, fuel meetering needle, air piston diaphram, gaskets, seals, float valve and fuel and water hoses. In less than four hours it was back on the car running and tuned for low emissions, ready to pass the Illinois clean air test. For some of us this was the first venture to the inside of Z-S carburetor, and everyone in attendence had a chance to learn something new.

As these sessions go, we also had time to sniff and tune a couple more MGB with Z-S carburetors. One car in particular with all emissions equipment in place and a new catalytic converter was amazingly clean running without requiring a touch.

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