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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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David Lieb There certainly is a lot happening already! I have already put over 2000 miles on my Midget this year. Of course, driving out to Harrisburg for Sprite Spree accounted for most of them. By the time you read this, we will already be past the Spring Tour, the Spring Chicken Rally, the Morgan Club Autocross in Wisconsin and the Landís End Rally with the Miata Club Invitational Autocross staring you in the face for Fatherís Day and the NAMGBR Convention right after that. Wow! Not much time to fix your car between events, is there?

I was questioning my sanity for driving out to Sprite Spree. After all, my starter died during the Spring Tour and my exhaust came apart on the Spring Chicken Rally. Strangely enough, everything worked just fine all the way out there and back again. Guess this Midget doesnít like short jaunts.

I hope that you have noticed that the Landís End Rally this year does not include an overnight stay. Since the NAMGBR convention is in June in St Louis, Tom felt that it would be more appropriate to limit both cost and duration this time around. No excuses not to come out and suffer with the rest of us! We will meet at the Welcome Center on I90 at the Illinois/Wisconsin border at 9am with the first car out at 10. The rally will end at the TA Travel Center at I90 and Route 20 in Marengo, Illinois. This year we will be charging the standard $15 per car.

Fatherís Day once again brings us the Windy City Miata Clubís Invitational Autocross at the Zion Benton High School. Please go to their website to register in advance to be eligible for the club rate of $20. You will want to be there by 9am to sign in.

You can email me at
or leave me a message at 847-588-8090

Lets keep those MGs on the road! - David Lieb

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