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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Project Car Tech Days

Hi everyone. As of writing this column, we have no tech sessions scheduled other than for the project car this June. We have made some progress lately, the car has all its fenders on and is all one color: medium grey. The welder has been retired. On the outside, we're at the point now that we only need to do some final bodywork to take care of any minor dents and such that we find and wet sand the primer. The step that comes after that is ... drum roll please ... paint! The engine bay has also been largely dismantled and pretty well cleaned up. The engine bay now just needs some attention with sandpaper and some POR-15 type of paint before we can paint that as well. As long as we can get some support from the club (this means people showing up here to work) the outside and engine bay work should be done in a couple of good work days. When you come down, bring a plastic squirt bottle (1 qt or so)& nbsp;and a good sanding block if you have one. Once the paint is on, then we'll color sand and buff it out. All this sanding can be made quick work of with many hands.
From a somewhat longer point of view, the club leadership and I have set a goal of having this car at the September British Car Fest/Show under its own power. Is this doable? I'm hoping your help will show us that it is. Besides the primary goal of this project being to involve the members in getting an MGB back on the road and seeing how to fix various things on the car, we also need to sell the car to recoup expenses and maybe even make a few buck for the club. What better way than to show it off at the biggest LBC event in the area?

When we'll be working on the car:
June 2, Saturday-starting at 9am,
June 10, Sunday-starting at 10am
June 23, Saturday-starting at 9am

See you at the shop, and Safety Fast,
Wade Keene 708-798-1737

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