Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2008
Natter ‘N Noggin -
The Search is Still On!

The good weather is here and it is time to expand our search to beer gardens and patios. Therefore we'll go back to the Roundhead's Pizza Pub in Downers Grove for our second visit. This was actually the very first location in our search late last year and we had one of the higher attendances  from their entire search. The reservations, on the patio, are from 7:00 PM onwards and they know that we need separate checks. (inside in case the weather decides not to cooperate)

The address is:
Roundhead's Pizza Pub
2001 63rd Street
(on the corner of 63rd and Woodward, about one mile East of I355)
Downers Grove
Ph. 630 343 9999

  If you have any questions, check or call Reinout Vogt at 847.342.9804 or Jim Evans at 630 858 8192

First Ever Combined Newsletter
At a monthly meeting back in February, Reinout introduced me to CMGC member Greg Hoeft, who is also a proud member of the Vintage Club. Greg happens to be the editor of the Vintage Viewpoint. We began discussing the different challenges we face as editors, as well as new and different ideas. Just like that, the idea of a possible joint issue came to life.
I really got into this project… in addition to the combined newsletter I began pursuing a different style of newsletter in place of our long term booklet format. We receive so many newsletters from other clubs that I began to really critique each and every one of them. I took ideas from this, discarded somethings from that and tried to come up with the best of all of them. I also spent quite a bit of time talking and emailing the editors of other clubs (it’s interesting how we all have the same challenges). I got a lot of good information and met some new friends along the way. I’d especially like to thank Rick Astley and Jeff Zorn of the Windsor-Detroit MG Club for some great guidance and “tips”.
So the next step was to begin creating mock up versions of a CMGC newsletter as well as a combined newsletter. After creating several styles I decided upon this one and then started working with some printers. There have been so many changes in the available technology that we are taking advantage of it; four pages of color, larger paper and easier distribution. Hopefully an overall better product!
I’d like to personally thank Greg Hoeft and the Vintage club for this opportunity to create a combined piece of work for all our MG members.


Champagne Anyone?
Champagne British Car Fest

No, not the wine, but the Champagne British Car Festival that is held every year over the Memorial Day weekend in Champaign, Illinois. Don’t criticize my spelling. The town and the county are spelled Champaine, but the car fest and the wine don’t have an “I.” And I don’t like an “H” in wine either, unless it’s coming from my supercharger.
This year a small contingent from CMGC, Diana and Oscar Gonzales, Larry Daniels and Mary Hansen, and Deb and I traveled down on Friday afternoon to partake of our southern neighbors’ hospitality. A 1950s State Fair was the dinner theme for Friday night. Guests were encouraged to dress accordingly. After dinner activities included cake decorating, dancing to 50s music, and carnival games.
Saturday we had a driving tour of the area, with stop at Allerton Park and a catered BBQ at Lake in the Woods. Options for the afternoon and evening included a poker run, funkana, and a trip to the drive in theater to see the new Indiana Jones movie.
On Sunday we were joined at the car show by fellow CMGC members Julie and Ed Polonus and their son Griff. How did we “fair” at the show? Quite well, thank you for asking. Four cars entered and six awards. Deb won 3rd place in the new MINI class, Gonzales’ 2nd in the rubber bumper MGB, Larry 1st in rubber Midgets, and Ed 1st in class and the Queen’s Award (best of show) with his ’57 Magnette. Congratulations to all.
Wait a minute, that’s only five awards. My modesty almost made me not mention that Yours Truly won a hard fought 2nd place in the extremely difficult trivia photo contest. I knew all the car photos, but missed on Merle Haggart’s picture.
What will be next year’s theme? We haven’t been told yet, but make plans to attend and find out.

-- Wilbur

Both clubs are very interested in your perspective on this effort, so please let your club editor know any comments and criticisms that you wish to share. I hope that all of you enjoy this edition as much as Greg and I had creating it. Thanks for all the support from both clubs.
-- Bill Reece

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