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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Rally 2000 - June 11, 2000

Report from the rallymaster
Paul Urquhart

As far as the rally it went good, I think, only a few frustrated and some protests on the questions and the route directions but that was expected. They were all in good spirits at the finish.

We had 10 teams run the rally and had top down weather all afternoon. Had some teams show up that had not done any club rally’s before and some that had never rallied before at all. Had a Porsche 914 and a Alfa Graduate run too. No MGA’s (other than mine but it did not run the rally that day). Some of the teams did get lost but no bailout maps used and they did get back on track and finished in the allotted time.

The winners were David Lieb and Michaela Lieb in a Midget with 400 points.

Second was Kelvin Palmer and Vicki Palmer in there MGC with 370 points.

Third was Amy Evans and Megan Glah in a MGB with 330 points out of a possible 510 points.

The Bonus scores were not needed. The route was 62.7 miles and teams averaged 78.6 miles per car. A good time for all (I HOPE) and the Gathering at Duke O’ Briens was a good place to cool off for the finish.

I learned a lot from running this rally and would think about doing one next year. They are a lot of work to set up and run but I had fun doing it.

Report(s) by the Winners
David and Michaela Lieb

What a way to start! I drove in the Austin Healey Club rally last September and got horribly lost (I guess you should leave enough time to read little details like “When you come to a T that is not in the directions, turn right”, but did they have to put three of these in a row?). I had so much fun, however, that I joined the CMGC at British Car Days mainly because of the rallies. I missed the Spring Rally, but my daughter Michaela and I showed up bright and early for Rally 2000.

Our 1974 red Midget was the third car to arrive at the starting point in Crystal Lake, but more showed up soon. After the sixth car drove up, Michaela looked around and asked “What is this? Christmas? Do these cars only come in red and green?

We were the second car off, determined to do better than last time. As if there was much choice! At least the deck was stacked in my favor for a change; I have driven many miles in McHenry County and my navigator has been trained in speed sign reading by many years of trying to beat me at the alphabet game. I was amazed at the number of cars that just weren’t interested in the price of cocoa bean shells or the name of the lake off to the right. But I pulled off of the road occasionally to let them to zoom past.

Stickney House is made out of a yellow-brick road, with arched windows, a flat roof, a strange roof-line, and round corners and it now serves as the Bull Valley Police Department, so “What is unusual about this house?”!?!

When the results through fifth place had been announced at Duke O’Brien’s, I leaned over to tell Michaela “We’re in the top four!” I was really shocked after second place had been awarded and we had not been mentioned. All of that fun and a plaque, too!

My thanks to all of you who didn’t show up and beat me. I am sorry that you missed the fun, but you will know better next time.

David Lieb

I had a great time doing the rally. It was my first one and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But I can read directions and questions and can write answers so I guess I qualified as a navigator. Some of the trivia questions were rather interesting. I was familiar with some of the area so that helped a bit. And I had a good driver!

Michaela Lieb

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